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7 Essential Oils for Sex, Romance, and Relaxation

7 Essential Oils for Sex, Romance, and Relaxation

Whether you’re trying to revive the spark, overcome a low libido, or simply infuse more sensuality into your love life, we’re firm believers in taking the natural approach to solving your problems. One of the very best ways to get your mind in the right place is through the use of certain therapeutic essential oils for sex and romance.

Here to help us is Instagram influencer, dancer, yogi, and essential oils expert Zoë Welch. But before we jump right in, let’s quickly cover the basics!

“An essential oil is a natural oil, which usually contains the fragrance of the plant or the source from which it was extracted,” explains Welch. “These oils can be used in diffusions, sprays, or topical applications to relax or energize your mood.”

Sex can involve feeling both invigorated and relaxed, but most commonly, Welch notes, is the need for essential oils to aid in stress relief. “Let’s face it, our libidos are seriously affected when we’re burnt out and tired, so I suggest using these potent oils and aromas to help calm your mind, and soothe your senses so that you can more fully be present in the moment.”

"The more in touch you are with your body and mind, the better everything else in your world is going to be."

Essential oils are highly potent aromatic essences that may cause skin irritation if they aren’t properly diluted with another oil, known as a carrier oil. Welch personally enjoys utilizing coconut or jojoba oil, and stresses the importance of “always, always, always” using a carrier for use on the skin. Her favorite locations for applying essential oils for sex and feeling sexy include behind the ears and on the wrists. However, she recommends avoiding any type of application to the sensitive genital area and opting for the abdomen instead.

When it comes to application tools, try an essential oil roller, a glass misting bottle, or an essential oil diffuser. Welch’s favorite diffuser brands include Garden of Life, Ellia, or URPOWER.

“What works for you is going to be so personal and different from anyone else,” reminds Welch. But she fully advocates a healthy body-mind connection to helping your sex life flourish. “A strong meditation practice is always going to make it easier to find inner peace and be fully present in every special moment. A strong physical practice, whether in yoga or other exercise or activity is key to help boost your libido and to stay in touch with what your body is craving and where you’ll find joy.”

1. Rose

Rose Essential Oil

Superb for anxiety relief and facilitating calmness, rose is one of the best essential oils for sex. Formerly used as an aphrodisiac, it’s no wonder why Welch says it’s “perfect for the bedroom and feeling feminine.”

2. Jasmine

Jasmine Essential Oil
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Great for use as a massage oil or perfume, Welch describes Jasmine as being super exotic and a natural aphrodisiac. It’s her “go-to for feeling sexy and confident.” It’s also recommended for emotional and hormonal balance, and may reduce a host of other emotional barriers, such as anxiety, depression, and apathy.

3. Sandalwood

Sandalwood Essential Oil

“Wonderfully earthy and grounding,” Sandalwood is ideal for relieving tension, relaxing muscles, and calming blood pressure--the perfect essential oil for setting a serene scene before partnered or solo sex.

4. Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Known as an aphrodisiac in the world of aromatherapy, ylang ylang is one that Welch says is great for “feeling sexy and frisky.” It has a light floral scent and aids in slowing down the heart and calming emotions.

5. Vanilla

Vanilla Essential Oil

Aside from smelling delightful, vanilla is also known to boost libido in both men and women by stimulating hormones. “So yummy and sweet,” Welch agrees that it’s “definitely good for setting the mood.”

6. Neroli

Neroli Essential Oil

Research suggests that inhalation of neroli oil may help relieve menopausal symptoms, increase sexual desire, and reduce blood pressure in women. Plus, Welch is a huge fan, “Neroli is another natural aphrodisiac and one of my favorite’s for summer. My favorite perfume is a neroli-based scent and always makes me feel extra frisky.”

7. Lavender

Lavender Essential Oil

Possibly one of the most well-known and widely used essential oils, lavender promotes peaceful, calm feelings, and is great for use in the bedroom. In fact, a doctor of neurology claims that a study revealed lavender as being the number one aroma that enhances male sexual arousal--that, and the smell of pumpkin pie!

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