6 Chocolatey-Delicious Beauty Products Every Chocoholic Needs

chocolate beauty products

Hands up if you’re a chocoholic! Yep, it’s a popular club. Sometimes overindulging in what is, let’s face it, Mother Nature’s greatest creation, isn’t great for our skin. Hello post-sugar binge breakout.

However, not all hope is lost for us chocoholics. It turns out that there’s a chocolate fix that not only comes guilt-free, but can do your skin a whole lot of good.

Naturally rich in flavonoids, a powerful plant antioxidant, cacao (where chocolate comes from) helps to defend skin against free radicals. That’s not to mention the other nutrients such as vitamins A and C which work their own wonders on your skin, too.

The trick is to find chocolate beauty products that use raw and pure cacao bean; something eco beauty brands don’t shy away from when creating these cocoa concoctions.

6 Chocolate Beauty Products You’ll Obsess Over

chocolate beauty products

1. Lani Tropical Cacao Detox Mask
Get your cacao fix and detox all in one hit with this delicious face mask. All you have to do is mix this powder with a touch of water, and you’ve got yourself a mousse-like texture which spreads across skin like a dream. Once dried, just remove with warm water and skin not only feels refined but looks bright and glowing.

chocolate beauty products

2. May Lindstrom The Good Stuff
Afford yourself a little luxury with this indulgent oil. The mouthwatering scent of cacao absolute is paired with floral notes of ylang-ylang and rose absolute, making this a serious winner under the nose. Thirsty skin will also lap up nourishing oils of macadamia, plum, and sea buckthorn. Just be sure to put aside the time to truly soak up the pampering experience.

chocolate beauty products

3. Chocolate Sun Organic Self Tanner Cocoa Lite
Fake tan isn’t well-known for its likable smell, but this eco offering is an exception to the rule. Cacao absolute again makes a welcomed appearance alongside equally yummy vanilla extract. However, being a cut above the rest scent-wise isn’t all this self-tanner has to offer. The ultra hydrating formula helps keep skin in the optimum condition for an even, natural-looking tan that builds gradually.

4. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara in Dark Chocolate
Okay, so eyelashes may not be the first thing you’d treat to a little cocoa love, but what’s the harm? Cocoa butter is just one of the many nurturing botanicals that help to condition lashes, rather than dry them out like many conventional mascaras. The cherry on top is that this volumizing mascara also happens to smell like chocolate, too, so sneak and little whiff next time you unleash the wand to do its eye framing thing.

chocolate beauty products

5. The Body Deli Chocolate Truffle Body Scrub 
This triple-chocolate-threat scrub is ideal for getting reaping the full benefits cocoa has to offer skin. Cacao nibs and powder boost the exfoliating power of sea salts, providing a hit of antioxidants alongside their aromatic perks. Once rinsed off, you’ll notice what the third dose has to offer, as skin is left silky soft and nourished by organic cocoa butter.

chocolate beauty products

6. Hurraw Chocolate Lip Balm
No chocoholic beauty list would be complete without a lip balm; after all, the taste is the best bit! There are no artificial flavors here, as this cute balm is infused with both cocoa seed paste and cocoa butter for a creamy lip-licking taste. The all-natural and organic ingredients mean the constant reapplying comes guilt-free, too.

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