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7 Health Trends to Trash in 2017: From Fad Diets to Belfies

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7 Health Trends to Trash in 2017: From Fad Diets to Belfies


From freaky fad diets to booti-ful belfies, health and fitness trends come and go – just like your little muffin top. Here’s a few that we’d like to say buh-bye to before the springtime arrives.

  1. Belfies – If you don’t know what belfies are, you probably also don’t understand what the big deal is about Kim Kardashian. Allow us to explain. A belfie is a “butt selfie.” Often snapped at the gym, the belfie a highly popular way for women to troll for likes on social media. And Kim Kardashian is famous because of her butt. Please save your belfies for your boyfriend.
  2. Mud Runs – They aren’t just gross, they can be dangerous too. Mud runs have exposed athletes to scary bacterial infections. There’s a reason why we practice hygiene in the modern world. Not to mention all the slipping around, which increases your chances of twisted ankles or worse.
  3. Smoothie Bowls – Smoothies are portable and easy to enjoy without making a mess. Smoothie bowls are not portable and must be eaten slowly with a spoon. They are messy and let's be real, they make no sense.
  4. Carb Condemnation – Carbohydrates are not evil. In fact, your body needs good, healthy carbs in order to function properly – and your brain needs them in order to think, learn, and pay attention. All good things. Don’t believe that you have to give up carbs or drastically reduce your intake in order to be healthy. Just choose your carbs wisely.
  5. Stressing Out Over GMOs – When you start paying attention to where your food comes from, it can be a scary experience. You may find yourself wanting to eat nothing but fresh produce from your personal, organic garden. But stressing over every single bite that goes into your mouth is far worse than enjoying the occasional non-organic, GMO-filled sugar doughnut.
  6. Paleo Diet – Do you want an excuse to eat all the meat that you want? Adopt a paleo diet, and be sure to throw shade at anyone you see consuming dairy or bread. To be a true Paleolithic, you’ll want to starve yourself intermittently and travel for miles in search of meat.
  7. Waist Trainers Despite the fact that there is no scientific proof that these modern corsets work to whittle down your waist, they are more popular than ever. Experts say that wearing one incorrectly or for an extended period of time can damage your body.

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