7 Jojoba Oil Benefits: Are You Missing Out On the New ‘It’ Oil?

7 Jojoba Oil Benefits: Are You Missing Out On the Current 'It' Oil?

How happy does it make you when an old favorite finally gets the recognition it deserves? No, we aren’t talking about Leo’s Oscar (well, maybe a little bit) but the “it” oil of the moment. That’s right, jojoba oil is garnering praise in the green beauty world right now.

Jojoba oil is nothing new. It’s been added to products for, well, who even knows how long. The point is, this healthy, good for skin and hair oil is finally getting the credit it’s due.

What’s the big deal with jojoba? Learn about the benefits and uses of this amazing oil, plus some hot product picks.

7 Jojoba Oil Benefits

1. Matches human skin: The main benefit of this liquid wax is its similarity to human sebum. Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) oil is the most closely matched oil to the oils skin produces naturally. This means it absorbs easily into skin and causes less irritation than some other oils, making it highly suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin types.

2. Long shelf life: Another big bonus to this wax ester obtained from evergreen type shrubs? It is more stable than many plant oils, which gives jojoba-containing products a longer shelf life.

3. Non-greasy: The fact that jojoba is so closely matched to human sebum and easily absorbed by skin means no greasy after feel. Perfect for use on face and body.

4. Long lasting moisture: Non-greasy doesn’t mean jojoba skimps on moisture. This oil provides suppleness to dry skin that goes the distance.

5. Non-comodogenic: Because jojoba doesn’t clog pores, the oil works well in treating acne. It offers light hydration and helps to balance oil.

6. Calms inflammation: If other plant oils have caused irritation or inflammation, jojoba may be the answer. It’s ability to mimic skin’s natural oils means it doesn’t upset skin.

7. Base oil: Jojoba is the ideal base or carrier oil for essential oils. It is often used as a base for natural perfumes and aromatherapy products, and works well for DIY blends.

“The reason [jojoba oil] is so great in skin care is that our own facial oil (sebum) is made up of mono esters and so is jojoba oil, so it’s highly compatible. In my opinion it is an excellent ingredient for natural products as it has a long shelf life, and does not turn rancid or oxidize like many oils,” says Paige Padgett, natural beauty expert.

6 Jojoba Oil Uses

Now that we know why jojoba oil is the It oil of green beauty, you may be wondering how to use it. Oh, let us count the ways.

1. First off, jojoba is a well-rounded moisturizer. Probably not that surprising, huh? How about if I told you it’s not only for face and body, but hair, lips, eyes, and even beards? Good stuff.

2. Going back to how jojoba is so much like our own skin, this makes it suitable for use on delicate areas, like around eyes and on lips. That’s why many eye creams and oils, and lip balms contain this wonderful oil.

3. Jojoba oil also makes a great makeup remover and works well as an oil cleanser, too. Non-irritating, skin calming goodness.

4. We’ve talked scalp oils here before, and jojoba oil is the perfect choice for a good ol’ scalp massage. Warm in hands and massage into scalp, working your way through to ends of hair for a moisture and body booster.

5. As for those beards that are having such a man moment. Wrangle those whiskers into submission and give facial hair a well-groomed look with a bit of jojoba oil.

6. If you feel a little DIY coming on, why not mix up your own scent or aromatherapy blend starting with jojoba oil? Here’s a handy how-to.

Can’t wait to get your hands on a bottle? It is important to choose your jojoba oil wisely for purity and safety. Paige notes, “The more pure the oil is the more golden it is. If it’s clear then it has been processed.” She recommends Aubrey Organics Pure Organic Jojoba Oil and Desert Essence Organic Coconut, Jojoba & Pure Coffee Oil, for skin and hair.

We have a terrific jojoba oil in our sister-site EcoSalon Mind & Body Box by BioFinests that you should not miss. This oil is cold-pressed, steam-distilled, and 100% pure. Perfect for all of the uses above.

More Jojoba Oil Products to Try

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BioFinest 100% Pure Jojoba Oil

Odacite Combination + Pimple Prone

Metta Skincare Body Oil

Metta Skincare Body Oil

MV Skincare Gentle Cleansing Bar

MV Skincare Gentle Cleansing Bar

Leven Rose Beard Oil

Leven Rose Beard Oil – Fragrance Free

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