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8 Must-Have Organic & Natural Bronzers and Self Tanners

Let's get glowing.


8 Must-Have Organic & Natural Bronzers and Self Tanners

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We get it - the urge to glow your way through summer like a bronzed Goddess is real. It’s so real, in fact, that in spite of the myriad risks tied to UV ray exposure, many will spend their summer basking in the sun. But, that sun-kissed glimmer can be the kiss of death for your skin.

UV exposure damages the DNA of skin cells, accelerates the aging process, agitates sensitive issues such as rosacea and puts you at greater risk for cancer. Luckily, there are options for those who want to achieve a great glow without paying a great price.

Once viewed as secondary and sloppy, self-tanners and bronzers have evolved dramatically over the past few years. A cry for safe, natural-looking radiance went up and behold, it was answered. Beautiful, subtle, streak-free and nourishing products began to emerge. Below, we’ve compiled a list of your best options as you go for gold without damaging your dermis.


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1. Kora Organics Gradual Self-Tanning Lotion $48

This moisturizing self-tanner is subtle and gradual. Achieve a natural glow after just one application! Rosehip, lavender and noni extract combine to nourish and sooth the skin while boosting its radiance.

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2. The Organic Pharmacy Self-Tan $69

This non-toxic, clean tanning cream has a delicious citrus scent and develops in three hours. It blends seamlessly without streaking, delivering a delightful honey-glow. Key ingredients include coconut oil, aloe leaf juice and sugar beet derived DHA.

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3. Vita Liberata Invisi Foaming Tan Water $39

This clear formula leaves no trace of transfer on clothing or sheets. Rich foam moisturizes with organic botanicals such as melon fruit extract and pomegranate extract and blesses your skin with a blissful, natural looking tan.

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4. Hempz Naturally Hempz Bronzer $17.96

100% natural hemp seed oil bronzer encourages a deep tan. Carrot seed oil, pomegranate and green tea condition and nourish skin for an overall healthy, streak-free glow. Vegan, sustainable and organic.



5. Salt By Hendrix Body Glow - Golden Hour $49

A gorgeous golden body oil that is 100% organic. It moisturizes by way of ingredients such as jojoba oil, orange sweet oil and jasmine. Comes in a variety of shimmering hues.


6. Alima Pure Loose Powder Bronzer $24

A pure mineral bronzer that is buildable and best suited for light-to-medium skin tones, this powder comes in three gorgeously golden shades. Fragrance and paraben free, vegan.


7. 100% Pure Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer - Cocoa Glow $38

This luscious bronzer is 100% natural and works double-duty to grace you with a gorgeous glimmer while also protecting you from UV rays. It contains SPF 20 and gets its color from vegetable and fruit pigments, not chemicals or dyes.


8. RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer $28

A subtle yet sensational gold cream bronzer that’s sheer, nourishing, and flattering for all skin types. Ingredients include buriti oil, coconut oil and beeswax. Rich in vitamin A, all-natural. 

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