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All-Natural Hair Treatments for Blondes, Brunettes and Redheads

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Summer has reached its peak, and by now, your hair is probably suffering. Curly-haired girls are bemoaning humidity and constant frizz; straight-haired girls can't deal with the limp strands the heat brings. Luckily, there are some all-natural ways to bring luster back to your hair, no matter the color of your tresses. Blondes, brunettes and redheads, your hair troubles end here, with these all-natural hair treatments.


Blondes face several problems in the summertime, the first of which is chlorine. Pools can turn hair green or dull, and that's no fun, especially when summer is the perfect time to flaunt your golden locks. While there are a lot of expensive products that promise to take the green out, go simple and all natural, with vinegar, tomato juice or lemon juice. Simply pour your acid of choice over your hair before showering, allow to sit 5-10 minutes, and then wash and condition as usual.

Lemon juice has yet another benefit: bleaching your hair in the sun. This all-natural highlight formula is perfect for beachy blonde tresses; just be sure not to get it on your skin, as you might experience discoloration. Squeeze lemons over your hair and sit in the sun. Wash as usual, and use a good all-natural conditioner -- for those with particularly curly or unmanageable hair, olive oil works wonders.

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For brunettes, summertime is the perfect time to show off your luster... but salt or chlorine water can make hair dull. Liven it up with all-natural treatments, like a coffee rinse. This natural treatment will restore hair's natural color and add tints of darker shades. Best of all, it will add a certain shininess to your hair, making the color even brighter.

For even more shine and luster, try an egg yolk mask. The treatment takes advantage of hair's natural protein composition to add more strength to each individual strand.


As for redheads, summer problems are usually more skin-related than hair-related; pale-skinned redheads have a host of summer sunshine issues to deal with.

When it comes to hair, however, this summer is your time to shine: this summer's hair trend is red, so if you're a natural redhead, now's the time to bring out the luster of your tresses. Salt and chlorine can turn red hair brassy; try using tomato juice for an all-natural restoration treatment to keep your ginger hair vibrant and bright!

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