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Artificial Sweeteners Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Plan


Eating sugar-free foods in an attempt to lose weight? New research shows that replacing real sugar with artificial sweeteners is probably the worst thing you could do for your diet plan.

A study conducted at Yale University shows that low-calorie sweetened products don't fool your brain: it knows it's being swindled. Eat too many of these sugar-free foods and it actually encourages your body to gorge on more calories later.

Artificial sweeteners like Splenda and NutriSweet have been touted as diet foods for years. Apparently, sugar is the devil and the sole reason why your jeans are too tight. So, "diet foods" are infused with low-calorie artificial sweeteners, eliminating guilt for those who are trying to watch their weight.

"...scientists observed that a specific physiological signal that regulates dopamine levels—the feel-good chemical that works with the reward center in the brain—only arose when sugar was broken down into a form that could be used as fuel and energy for the body," reports NY Daily News.

Giving your body artificial sweeteners instead of real sugars is like giving a kid a stuffed animal when they ask for a pony: your body is not amused.

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From the Organic Authority Files

The Yale researchers "found that eating low-calorie sweetened products may actually sabotage efforts to reduce calorie intake, by leading people to reach for higher calorie alternatives later on."

The best thing to do if you've got a sweet tooth but are trying to lose weight? Opt for fruit, like dates or berries, or foods sweetened with natural sugars like raw honey or pure maple syrup. Still going crazy? Drink more water.

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