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Kjaer Weis and Fashion Director Caroline Issa Launch Two Irresistible Organic Lipstick Shades

Try these gorgeous day to evening makeup looks, just in time for the holidays!
Day to Evening Makeup Looks That are Perfect for Holiday Festivities


With family gatherings, work parties and other seasonal celebrations, the holidays are a prime time for perfecting your day-to-evening look. One collaboration we’re particularly excited about this holiday season involves certified organic cosmetics sweetheart Kjaer Weis and Fashion Director Caroline Issa.

Danish-born makeup artist Kristen Kjaer Weis founded her cosmetics company with a focus on sustainability and minimalist luxury. Growing up on a farm, Kristen developed a profound appreciation for all things natural and organic, and her products reflect that! All Kjaer Weis ingredients are certified natural or certified organic and sustainable packaging. How are they are sustainable? Refillable packaging. Their design ensures products are as good for the world as they are for you. Kjaer Weis states, "With our intelligent refill system, you don’t need to waste money or create waste on packaging that’s made to be discarded."   

Kristen recently teamed up with TANK Magazine Chief Executive Caroline Issa to collaborate on a luxurious pair of lipsticks specifically designed for day/night versatility. 25% of sales from the custom velvet-matte shades will be donated to Women For Women, a nonprofit that sponsors women in war torn regions through vocational training programs.

The collaboration resulted in two stunning shades that can take you from day to night seamlessly and exquisitely. 


The Sucre shade is a deep red inspired by the striking Montreal Maple leaves of Issa’s childhood. Sucre is certified organic, made from only the finest ingredients, silicone-free and produced in Italy. When applying, give it a slight back-and-forth motion to warm it up and activate all the organic ingredients. 

Kjaer Weiss Sucre 

Kjaer Weiss Sucre 

Day Look

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 11.32.55 PM

Simple and chic. This deep red color gives you a sophisticated every day look. Add a little bit of blush and mascara and you are ready to tackle any meeting, lunch or gathering.

Evening Look

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 11.33.19 PM

Heading out to a date, dinner or holiday party? Add black eyeliner, dab some face contour and highlighter put on your Kjaer Weis lipstick and you're all set. 

Amour Rouge

Red-orange Amour Rouge is an ode to the luscious red saga seeds Issa collected during Summers in Singapore. Made with 99% organic, natural and clean ingredients like Jojoba Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Rosa Rubignosa. Moisturizing, healing and reparative this lipstick doubles as a lip-balm by keeping your lips crack-free and smooth all year long. Velvety, semi-matte finish. 

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From the Organic Authority Files

Kjaer Weis Amour Rouge

Kjaer Weis Amour Rouge

Day look 

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 11.28.36 PM

Brighten up your look and achieve an effortless glow with Amour Rouge. 

Night Look

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 11.29.22 PM

Pair Amour Rouge with a smokey eye for a holiday glam look. 

Both silicone-free shades are designed to serve as a delightful pop of color in the daytime or easily transition to evening as the perfect accompaniment to a smoky eye. The lipsticks are produced in Italy and crafted from quality ingredients like Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil. These same ingredients are famously healing and restorative, which makes this duo ideal for the harsh winter months. Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil actually minimizes the appearance of lines and scars, creating a youthful and supple pout. The Kjaer Weis signature silver compacts are refillable and the lipsticks can be beautifully paired with Kjaer Weis Lip Pencils.

Because this collaboration combines quality organic, non-toxic Italian ingredients and benefits Women For Women, putting your money where your mouth is has never looked or felt better! "Lifting women up across the world, one lipstick at a time."-words by Julie Chen. 

The Kjaer Weis + Caroline Issa collaboration can be found at Net-A-Porter.

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