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Dear John Masters: Save Us from Our Dry, Sensitive Skin


There are certain corners of the universe where, despite even the most valiant efforts, the dry skin epidemic cannot be eradicated. Though the official figures are unknown, it’s no mystery that dry skin plagues dozens - perhaps even hundreds - of innocent victims every winter. Making matters even worst, many sufferers are beset with sensitive skin issues, as well.

That is, until now. Meet John: John Masters and his organic pomegranate facial nourishing oil.

The benefits of pomegranate are old news. Because of its richness in certain B and C vitamins, pomegranates serve as a veritable skincare army, equipped with antioxidants and ready to attack (or at least prevent) wrinkles, sun damage and, of course, dryness. But because of its indigenous character, pomegranate is also a friend to sensitive skin, nourishing cells with naturally occurring, chemical-free fatty acids and polyphenols.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Our clever friend John, luckily, thought to extract oil from pomegranates and mix it with a plethora of other organic, nourishing ingredients like olive, sunflower and lavender oils. But those are only a few; John Masters pomegranate facial nourishing oil actually contains 12 certified organic ingredients.

While used primarily for facial skincare, the oil’s uses are many. Some use it on the body, feet and hands, given its ability to cure irritated, cracked skin. It can be applied directly to the skin, or mixed with another moisturizer for what its producers call “extra hydration,” without causing pimples or other blemishes. And, a little bit of it goes a long way: The oil is highly effective when only one or two drops are added to a sensitive facial cream, providing an excellent base for foundation and other cosmetics, creating a notable prevention of eye makeup smudging or fading.

John Masters pomegranate facial nourishing oil can be purchased online for $30, but is also available at such retailers as Whole Foods and salons. To find out where to purchase the facial oil near you, visit

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