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DIY Foot Care Round Up


Anyone don a pair of sandals last week... much to your own horror, and perhaps someone else's? Foot care can become careless in those frigid months, concealed behind thick wool socks and big black boots. But, come spring and you may want to take a good gander at where your feet could use some TLC... now that you're unleashing them to the world, that is.

Here, we're arming you with a DIY arsenal of foot care for this oft-forgotten body part. We'll take thanks in the form of your gorgeously-exposed toes. 

DIY: Salve Saves Dry Feet... And More!

Treat those dry - sometimes cracked and painful - heels with what we've dubbed the all-purpose lotion, slash moisturizer, slash salve, slash balm, slash cream, slash dry skin vanquisher. I've found rubbing this stuff over my distressed dry feet before bedtime, followed by a pair of cotton socks (organic of course) works like a dream. But it's also great all over the body, from the face down to the toes. And this recipe could not be easier, really.

Luxurious Lemon Shoe Deodorizer

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From the Organic Authority Files

Perhaps you're trying to get other things in shape for that itty bitty bikini. Eliminate odor from your athletic or running shoes with this lemony organic beauty cure.

Very Vanilla Pumice Stone

This recipe for a vanilla-scented pumice stone is adapted from Lisa Maliga's book, "Beautiful You! A Guide to Making Organic Bath & Body Products." Pumice stones, she notes, are "nature's ingredient for smoothing calluses and rough skin, particularly on your hands and feet." Natural pumice stones - found in drugstores, beauty supply shops and whole foods stores - are made from the light glass that forms on lava's surface after a volcanic eruption, one of nature's wonders. 

Bedtime Piña Colada Callus Treatment

Those calluses we spoke of, thickened patches of dead skin that form on your heels and toes, if left unattended, may develop fissures: Extremely painful cracks in the skin - particularly on the backs of your heels - that may bleed and become infected. Don't let calluses reach this point. Instead, invoke summer with this Piña Colada treatment.

Add to this repertoire our 4 Steps to a Mani-Pedi Organic Authority Style and your horror will instantly turn to delight. 

image: aussiegall

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