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3-Ingredient DIY Homemade Aftershave for Men

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Aftershave is effective in finishing off a fresh shave, but it can often be harsh and full of chemicals, preservatives, and fragrances. These ingredients are the last things you want to be sticking on your face. So take control of your aftershave and make it yourself with this DIY homemade aftershave for men. It combines cucumber and mint to create the germ-free and smooth texture you crave.

Aftershave has several purposes: it is an antiseptic, helps to soothe skin, and closes pores to stave off dirt and oil. Before men shave, they tend to use warm water to wet the face and soften facial hair. This causes the pores to open and to make them more susceptible to getting clogged by oils and dirt on the face. Aftershave not only disinfects the facial skin and treats any cuts but also helps pores to shrink back to normal size. However, to have these effects, alcohol is often used in store-bought aftershaves. This can be harsh and sometimes cause an uncomfortable stinging sensation when applied.

The following recipe for a diy homemade aftershave for men packs the germ-fighting and soothing power of mainstream aftershaves but is chemical-free, natural, and sensitive to the touch. The mint extract leaves the skin feeling refreshed and cooled and works as a natural astringent.Cucumber is highly anti-inflammatory and can prevent skin irritation.

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Homemade Aftershave


  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 1/4 cup mint extract
  • 1 cup water

Direction: Blend all ingredient in a blender on high-speed. Strain and store in a sealed container in the fridge when not in use. To apply, dab lightly with a cotton ball or pour into hands and apply to face.

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