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3-Ingredient DIY Homemade Natural Makeup Remover

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If you wear makeup everyday, then it pays to know what goes into makeup remover. Store-bought versions are full of alcohol and a host of ingredients you can barely pronounce. As if the wear and tear of a long day with layers of makeup weighing your face down weren't enough, why not treat your skin to a natural, soothing, and gentle removal alternative? This DIY homemade natural makeup remover recipe uses only three ingredients, which combine to form an effective, aromatic, and soft finish. Enjoy!

The ingredients are easy to find and take only a few minutes to mix together before use:

1. Witch Hazel: an astringent derived from the witch hazel shrub's bark. It was used by widely by American Indians. It contains active constituents that give it powerful anti-inflammatory, antimicrobrial, and antioxidant properties. It can help heal acne and other skin disorders. 

2. Cold-Pressed Extra-VirginOlive Oil: a lipid that holds some beneficial moisturizing and protective properties. In its raw, unprocessed state, olive oil carries the most of its inherent healthy fats and other nutrients, so opt for the highest quality you can find.

3. Vitamin E: an effective antioxidant that boosts your skin's health and overall complexion. It protects the skin from adverse oxidative stress, including aging

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From the Organic Authority Files

Natural Make-up Remover

Makes enough to last about 2 weeks


  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 cup witch hazel
  • 4 capsules vitamin E


In a mason jar, mix the olive oil with the witch hazel. Whisk to combine. Poke the vitamin E capsules with a pin and drain out the liquid into the olive oil-witch hazel mixture. Whisk again. Set aside for use in your toiletry cabines. Shake before use.

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