Do You Need a Personal Fitness Trainer?

personal fitness trainer

Whether you have been exercising on your own for a while or just getting started down a healthier path, you might be thinking about hiring a personal trainer. But are they worth the money? Could a personal fitness trainer really help you get the body you want? Would you benefit from the external motivation and guidance – or would it be a waste of time?

Do you need a personal fitness trainer? Consider the following:

1. Are you starting a new fitness or strength-training regimen?

Lifting weights the wrong way can minimize your results or worse, injure your body. Having a pro to show you the ropes of each machine will give you confidence with your workout. Even if you think you won’t want to stick with it, you may want to hire a trainer for a few sessions in order to launch into your new regimen.

2. Do you exercise at home on a regular basis, but still don’t see the body that you want in the mirror?

We work out to be healthy but let’s face it: we also work out to look good. Using the machines at the gym can work muscles in new directions – and muscles that you didn’t know you had. This is especially true for women, who often want to sculpt curves in the right places instead of just bulking up.

3. Do you need motivation?

Sure, you can muster the motivation if you really try – but you also need that willpower for 1,000 other things. Outsource your motivation, and let someone else be your cheerleader.

4. Do you need guidance?

Maybe you’re a motivated person and have no trouble exercising on your own. But are you doing your crunches right? Is there a better way to plank? And what the hell is a “Russian Twist?” Trainers can provide guidance towards a better workout.

5. Do you need diversity – and even fun – to stay interested?

Working out at home is rewarding – but it sure isn’t fun. Sign up to work out with a personal trainer, and you might even find yourself smiling – or laughing! A good trainer will keep things interesting, and change up your routine every time. You’ll do bear crawls, use yoga balls, punch bags and oh yeah – lift weights.

6. Do you want to be a good student?

Perfectionists and other people-pleasers are perfectly suited for personal training. Your desire to be an A+ student means that you’ll work harder when there is someone to hold you accountable. You won’t want to let your trainer down – and you’ll get a better workout because of it.

7. So what’s next?

If you think you want to try out the services of a personal fitness trainer, most local gyms will let you experience a free session to help you make up your mind. You can also find great deals on Groupon and Living Social, and buy a small package of training sessions to see if you like it.

When you first visit the gym to consider signing up for training, the trainer, manager or owner should sit down with you and discuss your exercise goals. You shouldn’t feel like a number. While you’re there, talk to the regulars (at the water fountain, not while they’re lifting) about how they like the gym.

Finally, realize that like real estate agents, lawyers and hair stylists – not all personal trainers are created equal. Find a personal fitness trainer that you really click with. Don’t settle for less, because the right trainer can make your workout something that you’ll truly look forward to.

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