3 Quick Workouts to Do When You Don’t Have Time for the Gym

3 Quick Workouts to Do When You Don't Have Time for the Gym

Let’s be honest. Life gets busy and sometimes you just don’t have the time to endure a long sweat session at the gym or at home. The good news is that you can squeeze in an effective workout that doesn’t equal logging hours on the treadmill.

There are various styles of exercises that can help you reach your maximum burn in 30 minutes or less. The following three fast and effective workouts burn fat, torch calories, and increase muscle tone so there will never be an excuse not to hit the gym again. Get ready to feel the burn. You’re welcome.

1. Hight Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Hight Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) alternates between short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. A typical HIIT session should last anywhere four minutes and 15 minutes, and cap out at 30 minutes.

Check out this HIIT workout to get your sweat on.

Jumping Jacks – 40 seconds

Wall sit – 20 seconds

Burpees – 40 seconds

Crunches – 20 seconds

Jump Squats – 40 seconds

Push-ups – 20 seconds

Lunge Jumps – 40 seconds

Plank – 20 seconds

Repeat three times.

2. Tabata

Tabata interval workouts, which is a form of HIIT, are perfect for burning tons of calories in a fraction of the time. In fact, research from the American Council on Exercise shows that it can burn up to 15 calories per minute. These fast-paced workouts are four minutes of high-intensity training, alternating between 20 seconds of max training followed by a 10-second rest for a total of eight rounds.

Try this bodyweight Tabata workout.

Circuit 1 – 20 seconds of Burpees – 10-second rest – 20 seconds Mountain Climbers – 10-second rest. Repeat three times.

Circuit 2 – 20 seconds of Jumping Jacks – 10-second rest – 20 seconds Crunches – 10-second rest. Repeat three times.

Circuit 3 – 20 seconds of Squat Jumps – 10 seconds rest – 20 seconds of Push-ups – 10-second rest. Repeat three times.

Circuit 4 – 20 seconds of High Knees – 10 seconds rest – 20 seconds Russian Twists – 10-second rest. Repeat three times.

3. Timed Triset

A triset is a training style where you perform three exercises in a row in which you make a concentrated effort to get through the sets as quickly as possible. Meaning, that for the most impact, it’s crucial to focus on maximal intensity and take minimal rests throughout your workout. No wonder trisets are known to burn more fat compared to standard training. The best trisets focus on different body parts, and when you time them, you can challenge your muscles with more intent than worrying about completing reps.

Try this timed triset workout for maximum burn. Rest as needed after each set.

Triset 1 – Bodyweight Squat – 60 seconds – Push-ups – 60 seconds – Lying Leg Lift – 60 seconds.

Triset 2 – Walking Lunge – 60 seconds – Shoulder taps – 60 seconds – Plank hold – 60 seconds.

Triset 3 – Standing Calf Raise – 60 seconds – Tricep dips – 60 seconds – Russian Twists – 60 seconds.

The Takeaway

Working out smarter doesn’t mean working out longer. In fact, there’s research that says a short blast of intense exercise can boost metabolism for the entire day more effectively than a workout that’s slower and longer. And as these workouts prove, if you’ve got 15 minutes, you’ve got a workout that can torch major calories. So no excuses. Get sweating.

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