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5 Forward-Thinking Beauty Brands with Eco-Friendly Packaging You'll Love

5 Forward-Thinking Beauty Brands with Eco-Friendly Packaging You'll Love


It’s fair to say that natural beauty buffs are ingredients nerds. Once you start turning those bottles around to comb through the labels, it doesn’t take long to start deciphering what’s green and what’s not. Packaging on the other hand, is usually not under as much scrutiny.

Most green beauty brands these days will come neatly boxed in cardstock and in glass bottles. But just because something is recyclable doesn't make it the most eco-friendly option. Where are the materials sourced from, and once you’ve finish up all the good stuff inside, can the packaging be easily dismantled to be reused?

For these five eco beauty brands, exceptional products and environmentally conscious packaging go hand-in-hand.

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Your Beauty Products!

Mel Millis

1. Mel Millis

Quaint charm is not the only thing this English bio-active brand has to offer. Produced in small batches, the products are formulated to be high performing with science alongside nature at the heart. The miron glass the formulas are housed in not only protects the fresh ingredients from UV damage, but is fully recyclable as there’s no plastic pumps in sight. There are plenty of green beauty brands that offer that, but Mel Millis go the extra mile with external packaging made from recycled paper, which includes - wait for it - wildflower seeds. Just bury it in the garden and wait for the magic to happen. Oh, and if you keep one of the beautiful violet bottles, potential new vase for your flora? Zero waste FTW.

Kjaer Weis

2. Kjaer Weis

We can’t talk eco packaging without bringing up Kjaer Weis. Aside from being some of the most stunning makeup in town, everything from the blush to the mascara is refillable. The luxury white bronze cases, which enclose the certified organic makeup, were designed in collaboration with Marc Atlan, an award-winning creative director. Where the packaging gains even more sustainability points is that the refills come simply packed in 100 percent recyclable cardstock, and the quality of the hard-wearing metal cases means you won’t ever need to replace them - unless you have a habit of dropping your makeup from rooftops, of course.

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From the Organic Authority Files

true organic of sweden

3. True Organic of Sweden

Plant-based biodegradable plastics are what’s hot right now, and True Organic of Sweden have adopted the trend with its Green PE packaging made from sugarcane. Anyone could be fooled into thinking it was the real deal, you know, minus the tendency to stick around for centuries. Nothing goes to waste in the production process either, as the parts of the plant which aren’t useful for creating the Green PE are used to generate electricity. What’s inside is green, too. Hero product All You Need Is Me, a vaseline alternative, is made with fewer than ten all-natural ingredients.

Tata Harper

4. Tata Harper

Well known for being some of the best green skincare around, you’d be forgiven for overlooking the attention to detail that has also gone into Tata Harper’s packaging. Glass bottles? That’s obvious. What you might also notice is a lack of labels. Instead all of the information about the product is printed directly onto the bottle with a process using limestone - a resource far more sustainable than trees. All of the sleeves are also created with 100-percent post-consumer recycled paper. Just one more reason to fall for Tata!


5. Zao Organic Makeup

Most of us are familiar with bamboo’s sustainability stardom, so it would make sense to use it for beauty packaging, right? Alongside being eco-friendly and looking beautiful, it’s far less fragile than glass. Butter fingers, meet your match! Ecocert certified brand Zao have created an entire cosmetics line inspired by bamboo, using it not just for eco-friendly beauty packaging, but within formulas, too, thanks to its naturally silky texture. Fancy trying a few colors? Like Kjaer Weis, much of the makeup is refillable so swap out shades or simply save when you want to rebuy.

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