5 Funky Yoga Pants You Can Rock Your OM to On or Off the Mat

Get Your OM On With This Unique Guide to the Best Yoga Pants

As a freelance writer and avid yogini, yoga pants are among the most important aspects of my wardrobe. I wear them nearly everyday, whether or not I’m actually practicing. And luckily, they’ve come a long way since being categorized as simply workout cloths.

These are some of my favorite brands right now in terms of fit, style, and fabrics. This guide includes brands large and small as well as some of my favorite green brands. Some styles are for classic, everyday wear, and others are funky fresh for those days when you want to make a statement on your mat.

Choosing the Best Yoga Pants for Your Buck

Here are some factors to consider when you’re choosing yoga pants:

  • What kind of yoga do you practice?

If you practice hot yoga or a sweaty vinyasa then you might want to choose fabrics that allow room to breathe. But if you’re practicing in your chilly basement, then you’ll want a thicker legging.

  • How many pairs of yoga pants do you own?

If you only own one pair of yoga pants then you might want to invest in a pair that you can wear more than once per week. Choose classic colors and styles instead of vibrant patterns. And make sure you can wash them in the washing machine especially if you fancy sweating it out on your mat.

  • Do you wear yoga pants outside of yoga class?

If you’re looking for street style, keep that in mind when you’re buying yoga pants because some of these aren’t exactly appropriate for brunch. Note that if you choose to visit an ashram to further your practice, wearing tight yoga leggings is often not acceptable. You’ll have to be covered or wear looser, sweat pant style pants. This can also be true if you attend a retreat at a meditation center.

1. alo ($94)

Image via alo yoga

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Alo Yoga pants fit really well, but they’re also a little funky. Their line of leggings with mesh blocking adds subtle style to your yoga routine. You’ll look extra hot in downward dog. The Mesh Goddess pants (pictured above) can transition from yoga class to street style easily.

2. lululemon ($98)

Image via lululemon

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Credit: image via Lululemon

Lululemon pants are well known for making your tush look great. The brand is particularly good at making pants that you can wear every single day, like simple high waisted crop black or grey pants. That’s why if you don’t have an endless yoga pants budget, lululemon is often the way to go.

3. Green Apple Organics ($78)

Image via Green Apple

Green Apple is known for its bamboo yoga pants. I’m a huge fan of the bamboo yoga flare sweatpants. Super soft and light weight, these pants are great for relaxing around the house, running errands, or hitting a yin or restorative yoga class. Plus, you’re supporting a sustainable, small business.

4. Inner Waves Organics ($64)

Image via Inner Wave Organics

These pants are produced by a family-owned business that just loves yoga. Made from super soft organic cotton, pants like the Moana Yoga Pant feel as wonderful as they look. The waistband can be rolled up or down depending on whether you want more coverage or less. If you’re a fan or brighter colors, go for it with tones like sunset orange and cayenne, but your basic black is also great for everyday comfort. Either way, these are super high quality pants.

5. Lily Lotus ($98)

Image via Lily Lotus

These pants have spirit. You can’t wear them everyday, but when you do wear them, you can be sure that everyone will want to know where you got them. Lily Lotus is a small sustainable company out of Hawaii. These pants are fantastic, especially the chakra rainbow wash long leggings. These limited edition pants feature the chakra system painted on the leg as well as a pink wash design. Each garment is dyed individually so no two are exactly alike. The high waist provides full coverage for a host of activities and the pants are made of organic cotton. You’ll be as individual as the shining star you are.

What are your favorite yoga pant brands? What do you look for in great yoga pants? What brands are not your favorites? We want to know! Drop us a line via Twitter @OrganicAuthorit.

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