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Go Bananas for This DIY Facial


During the winter most of your skin can hibernate from the harsh, cold air by hiding under layers of clothes, scarves, mittens and hats. But unless you think you can pull off the robber-chic look with a full-face mask, the delicate skin on your face usually takes the full damaging effects of bitter winds, stabbing cold temperatures, and dried out air.

When the skin on your face starts to feel painfully tight and dry, give it some organic TLC. While we love many of the amazing organic beauty products out there, do-it-yourself remedies made from ingredients right in your kitchen can make you feel just as pampered—and save you money.

This rejuvenating facial only requires two ingredients: banana and honey. The acids in the creamy banana core slough away dead skin and leave you with a glowy complexion, while the honey blends the mask into a smooth consistency and helps your skin hold in moisture. Opt for organic ingredients for true indulgence—only the best for your drained skin.

Choose a banana that’s turning on the brown side. The ripened banana will add extra moisture to the mask. Plus, that means no wasted food for you eco-minded beauties.


1/2 an organic banana

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From the Organic Authority Files

1 teaspoon organic honey


Mash the banana and honey together in a bowl.

Using your fingers, pat the mixture onto your face. Be sure to avoid your eye area.

Let the mask work it’s skin-rejuvenating magic for 15 to 20 minutes, and then rinse.

image: sweetbeetandgreenbean

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