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9 Reasons Regular Orgasms Might Be Your Ticket to Better Health

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9 Reasons Regular Orgasms Might Be Your Ticket to Better Health


Any woman who is fortunate enough to have an orgasm knows just how mind-blowing it can be. The build-up, the body rush, the climax, and the subsequent endorphins that follow are hard to replicate. There’s really nothing else quite like it. And while the way an orgasm feels is a definite plus, there are several other reasons to regularly achieve the “Big O” aside from just the toe-curling ecstasy.

There’s an argument going around that women should be having orgasms every day. This is a fantastic idea, in theory, but like so many busy women juggling careers, kids, relationships, family, and social lives (anyone else already tired just reading this?), it seems like the last thing on that mile-long “to-do list” is finding the energy to climax. However, after an open and candid conversation with Dr. Jennifer Berman, who you may recognize as the renowned female sexual medicine specialist, urologist, and co-host of the Emmy-Award winning daytime talk show, “The Doctors,” it’s probably time to start putting your orgasm first.

More complex than originally thought, Dr. Berman points to modern day studies and experimental techniques, such as OM, or Orgasmic Meditation, that are changing the accuracy of the sexual response cycle presented by Masters and Johnson. Rather than an “event with a beginning, middle, and an end,” she says, “the orgasmic meditation forefront is redefining what orgasm is and what orgasm means.” Although recommended for use by couples, Dr. Berman still urges women to look into the technique, as the benefits of OM include positives ranging from deeper connections and enhanced everyday experiences, to a transcendental-like state of mind.

Fortunately, though, whether partnered up, or not, every woman can reap the benefits of having an orgasm when the urge arises. Sort of like a an equivalent to a “big B12 shot,” says Dr. Berman, orgasms provide our bodies and minds with a slew of real, measurable health benefits, many of which she personally recommends below. 

1. Reduces Pain

The chemicals responsible for your “runner’s high” are also the same natural pain relievers and feel-good chemicals that are released during orgasm and climax. Excellent for combating cramps, headaches, labor pain, arthritis, and other maladies, orgasms are perfect for soothing what ails you. While the percentages vary, experts say the pain reduction is anywhere from 35 to 70 percent.

2. Improves Well-Being

Remember those feel-good chemicals we just mentioned? Those, along with the resulting uptick in sexual satisfaction, are responsible for increased happiness, well-being, and a more positive outlook among women who orgasm. Plus, you’ll also benefit from improved stress relief, which also contributes to a greater sense of well-being.

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3. Reduces Inflammation

Another biggie mentioned by Dr. Berman, the anti-inflammation properties of orgasms are always a plus. They flush out cortisol, the chemical responsible for increasing inflammation, and the oxytocin produced during climax aids in counteracting inflammation all over the body.

4. Improves Sleep

It’s not a coincidence that you sleep more soundly after an orgasm. According to a study covered by the HuffingtonPost, “serotonin and norepinephrine help the body cycle through REM and deep non-REM sleep cycles,” while Oxytocin―a.k.a. the love hormone counteracts stress hormones, "which helps you fall asleep.”

5. Boosts Hormones

A benefit mentioned by Dr. Berman, estrogen is increased in women during orgasm, and some studies show that testosterone is increased after climax, as well, which can actually aid in naturally stabilizing hormone imbalances. This is especially beneficial for older women who may be losing their natural ability to produce these hormones.

6. Increases Blood Flow

Another benefit touched upon by Dr. Berman, blood circulation is increased during climax, sending nutrients and oxygen to the brain, prompting tissue repair and collagen production in the face, and increasing blood flow to the genitals, keeping vaginal tissue healthy, elasticized, supple, and youthful. Some even say that a few orgasms a week can be better than a facelift.

7. Aids Fertility

According to Dr. Sara Gottfried, “Orgasm enhances fertility by increasing negative pressure inside the uterus–when oxytocin is released after orgasm, uterine contractions cause ‘insuck’ of semen at the cervix," which she notes, “is a good thing if you want to get pregnant,” otherwise, “have your orgasm before your male partner.”

8. Boosts Immunity

Not only can having orgasms help you live longer and reduce heart disease, but it also “spikes DHEA levels in the body,” which Flo Living says, “improves brain function, balances the immune system, helps maintain and repair tissue, and promotes healthy skin.” That, and they boost infection-fighting cells up to 20 percent, which helps fight colds and flu.

9. Detoxes Lymphatic System

In addition to the boost in immunity, Flo Living also speaks of the detoxification benefits that orgasms provide. The overall lymphatic massage that climaxing catalyzes helps your “body’s natural detoxification process to improve digestion and mood and help prevent cancer.”

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