Magic Pumpkin Foot Scrub, DIY

Just because we’re trading in our sandals and strappies for boots and lace-ups does not mean the old adage “out of site, out of mind” applies here. In fact, now is the time to slather on the TLC so that – come spring – you aren’t horrified the moment you slip back into those revealing kicks. Keep it seasonal (of course) with this recipe for a do-it-yourself Pumpkin Foot Scrub. You are just five natural ingredients away from feet that smell like fall and feel… well, very nice. 

While the natural enzymes within pumpkin exfoliate rough patches from you skin, the alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA’s) and tiny granules contained in brown sugar are by its side to help out. Almond oil softens, hydrates and strengthens nails and cuticles, while the caffeine in coffee gets the blood circulating to your feet. And finally, lemon works as a natural preservative. All of these ingredients combine to create one badass foot scrub… if there is such a thing. 


1/4 cup cooked pureed pumpkin 

1/4 cup of brown sugar

1 tablespoon of almond oil (you can use olive oil or jojoba oil instead)

1 tablespoon ground coffee beans

Lemon juice squeezed from 1/2 lemon


Just mix up all the above ingredients in a big bowl.

Now, scrub your feet away to your heart’s content. Pay special attention to the heels.

Rinse off with warm water, and pat dry. 

You can store the solution in a glass jar in the fridge, for up to a few days.

source: Planet Green

image: Shandi-lee