How Does Christy Turlington Look Better Than Ever at 48?

How Christy Turlington Looks Better Than Ever at 48
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Former supermodel Christy Turlington somehow looks the same if not better at 48 years old than she did during the ’90s at the peak of her modeling career.

“I don’t want to look younger than I am,” she told Elle Magazine back in 2014. On plastic surgery, she said, “Maybe there will be a time when you’re an oddball because you’re the only one left. I’d rather be the only one, the sole survivor. And in that case? I’ll just wear turtlenecks all year-round.”

So what’s Turlington’s secret? Is she drinking from some sort of magical elixir, like a new organic fountain of youth?

Yes, and no. Though she is certainly genetically blessed, Turlington also dedicates herself to a holistic lifestyle that includes yoga, organic food, and a penchant for letting her skin go au naturel. In fact, the humanitarian’s beauty routine, outlined in Peaceful Dumpling, is so refreshingly simple that it proves we can all be supermodels. Or, at least, live like one.

She Puts Her Skin First

“You can’t choose your nose or your legs or whatever, but you can actually take care of yourself and your skin and take care of you,” Turlington said.

Not only is your skin the largest body organ, it’s also the largest barrier against infection that we have. Keeping our skin healthy helps it to do its job better and longer.

Additionally, your skin is a mirror that reflects what’s happening inside your body. A radiant and healthy complexion indicates a healthy, well-nourished bod, which is why implementing a skincare regime is so important.

She Wears Little Makeup

Turlington admits to wearing very little makeup because she believes less really is more. During the day, she’ll swipe on just some mascara and concealer. At night, it’s “maybe a deeper lip color and a bit of eyeliner… But very little. For me, I prefer looking like myself. If you have good skin you want to show it.”

And though we know she’s big on skin, the former model isn’t a huge fan of facials. “I don’t do a lot of facials or anything like that, I just try to eat well and exercise because that’s the best thing you can do for your skin and your health.”

The body part she does like to indulge? Her hair. She loves Rahua shampoo and treatments, which is made with rahua oil from the Amazon, and is sustainably sourced. Rahua oil is rich in Omega-9 nutrients and is highly effective for repairing dry and damaged hair, and the products are organic, cruelty-free, and sulfate-free.

She Loves Avocados, Too

Turlington, who’s an advocate of clean eating, is just as obsessed with avocados as you probably are.

“Avocado is the food that I would eat all year long,” she says. Not only are avocados super delicious and loaded with a number of nutrients, but they are also the only fruit that provides a substantial amount of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). MUFAs are good for promoting healthy heart function, while lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Another favorite of Turlington’s? Sweet potato. “One of my favorite meals is still sweet potato with tahini.”

It’s a meal worth checking out. Sweet potatoes have many health benefits, including being an excellent source of fibre and vitamin C, which, among other things, helps maintain skin’s youthful elasticity (and remember Turlington is all about the skin). While tahini is rich in healthy fats, amino acids, and minerals. Put them together, and you get one nutritious, tasty snack.

She Uses Supplements

Turlington might adhere to a clean diet, but she also uses supplements when she needs to. In order to help her gorgeous skin, she swears by grapeseed oil.
Grapeseed oil is the oil that’s extracted from grape seeds and is rich in beta-carotene, vitamins D, C, and E, as well as fatty acids, like omega-6. It’s an easily absorbable, thin oil that works with all skin types, and is known to treat acne, tighten skin, help diminish dark circles around the eyes, reduce scars, restore collagen and fight aging.

The Takeaway

Ultimately, Turlington’s anti-aging secrets are pretty easy to follow. By simplifying her makeup routine, focusing on nourishing her body from the inside, out, and keeping her skin the star, it’s proof that anyone can look better with age.

As she says, “I’m much more interested in how I feel. If you feel good you tend to look better too…There’s no negative to getting older.”

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