I Tried the NuFACE and NuBODY Microcurrent Toning Devices (And They Worked)

NuFace Microcurrent Natural Beauty

I first was introduced to the NuFACE Trinty microcurrent toning device at the ISPA Conference and Expo in Las Vegas while on the hunt for the latest in anti-aging products. I performed a demo on half my face and saw a noticeable difference from one side to the next.

No wonder it’s a favorite of supermodel and KORA Organics founder Miranda Kerr. Known as the “5 Minute Face-Lift” was this the solution I was looking for to naturally tighten my skin and restore its texture without fillers or Botox? I tried both the NuFACE Trinity and NuBODY for 30 days to find out what the real results would be and if they would last.

What is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent is a clinically tested therapy treatment to contour, tone, and firm aging skin. The NuFACE Trinity and NuBODY toning devices give off a low-level current that is similar to the body’s natural current and works “sub-sensory” – meaning that you don’t actually feel the current. That is, of course, if I used enough primer gel. Which was an easy fix. Simply, I applied more.

Both the NuFACE and NuBODY are safe, FDA-cleared anti-aging devices that promote “fitness for your skin” via microcurrent technology. Meaning that they tone and tighten facial and body muscles. Microcurrent technology has been about seventy years and was originally used as recovery treatments for ailments that caused a patient’s face to droop from weakened facial muscles. In recent years, microcurrent technology has become the darling of the beauty industry to tighten and tone our facial and body muscles for a healthy natural glow.

What are the benefits of microcurrent for your face and body?

Best Microcurrent Devices

As the NuFACE and NuBODY microcurrent devices are used on different parts of the body (but never the décolleté or over your heart), you can expect different results and benefits. Results do vary. But overall, this is what you can expect.

NuFACE Trinity:

  • Improves facial contour.
  • Improves skin tone.
  • Reduces wrinkles.
  • Helps create a younger looking appearance.
  • Tightens and brightens skin.
  • Evens out facial features.


  • Tones skin, especially in stubborn areas
  • Smooths skin, in dimpled areas
  • Tightens skin overall, in treated areas.

How to Use for Maximum Results

Best microcurrent devices

For top results, you need to use the NuFACE Trinity for the recommended five days a week for a full two months. Then it becomes more manageable at only twice a week for maintenance. The same goes for the NuBODY.

Once I learned the basic moves and holds for treatments, I found it quite easy to work it into my busy schedule. And I didn’t always have to do it in front of a bathroom mirror. For example, when watching TV, I applied primer gel to my face and/or body and perform a treatment. The basic NuFACE Trinity routine is just 5-minutes. Which I would squeeze into my make-up routine in the morning or my facial cleansing routines at night.

Applying the primer gel can get tricky but I found a few cheats that helped tremendously. I put the gel into a small bowl and used a makeup brush to apply it to my face. Otherwise, I was wiping the gel off my hands every few minutes. I also used a small makeup spatula to spread the gel evenly over my face and body.

The NuFACE Trinity was easy to take with me on the road. (So, I had no excuse for missing a day.) I popped it in my carry-on and it went everywhere I did. NuBODY, I left at home. But then started up again after I returned.

NuFACE Trinty Attachments

Depending on where you want to lift and contour your face, you may want to invest in an attachment. The Trinity Ele attachment can help with drooping eyelids, delicate lip areas, and even give your brows a lift. The treatment time for the Trinity Ele is about 21 minutes. Or you can break it down into 5-minute targeted treatments to make it more manageable.

The Wrinkle Reducer Red LED light therapy attachment is easy to use and can reduce the appearance of fine lines. It exposes an area of your skin to a red, amber and infrared light for three minutes at a time. After washing your face, apply your favorite serum to your skin then use the light therapy. Rather than gliding it over your face, you hold it in one spot. Which made it easy to use while doing something else. For example, I managed to tidy a room with one hand while holding it to my face with the other. Talk about multi-tasking.

My Results After 30 Days

For me, the best proof that any new product is working are unsolicited compliments. Which came streaming in about two weeks after I started using both devices five days a week.

Using the NuFACE Trinity with the Ele attachment I not only managed to (begin to) balance out one droopy eye but also encroaching jowls began to tighten again. Overall my skin had a new glow, even texture, and increased tone. Small fine lines vanished while larger smile lines were less noticeable.

As for NuBODY, the results were less visible but apparent nonetheless. I focused using the device on my triceps and stomach area – where just exercise didn’t seem to do the trick. Again my skin tone improved overall and the backs of my arms certainly feel less loose and look better from behind.

Both devices are now a permanent part of my aging gracefully beauty routine.

Are there any dangers to using microcurrent technology?

Although both devices are extremely safe and FDA-cleared, it’s important to pay close attention to directions and don’t waiver on guidelines.

  • Don’t use the NuBODY on your face. It’s too strong of a microcurrent for delicate facial muscles.
  • Give your face and body a full 24-hours between treatments.
  • Do not use either device on the décolletage or close to the heart.

Tips for Success

Consistency pays. If you want top results, you must invest the time in using the device five times a week for the first two months. Of course, if you fall off the wagon, get right back on again. I noticed a difference in my skin when I hadn’t used the NuFACE Trinity for more than two days, which gave me more incentive to commit to five days a week.

Begin with one device. Then build up. I don’t suggest trying both the NuFACE Trinity and NuBODY devices with all the attachments at once. You don’t want to have a new toy you’re excited about for a week and then never use again. Decide which you want to focus on first, your face or your body. Next, begin with the NuFACE Trinity or NuBODY and make it through the first two months. Then, add on the other device or invest in attachments.

Yes, there’s an app for that. The NuFACE app helps you design your own personal lifting treatments and set a schedule.

Also, if you don’t want to use the primer gel (which contains propylene glycol) aloe vera is a natural substitute that is said to work just as well.

If you are looking to invest in the NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning device it runs about $325. Many times it is sold out. If it is you can also try the mini Facial Toning Device which is about $199. The NuBODY Skin Toning Device runs about $399. The eye and lip enhancing attachment runs $149.

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