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It’s Not Just Hype: Jade Rollers Boost Your Skincare Routine

Get the glow.
It’s Not Just Hype: Jade Rollers Boost Your Skincare Routine

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Not everyone believes dusting rose quartz particles under your floorboards will instill love and light into the room, but there’s one stone we should all agree to incorporate into day-to-day life: jade. Don’t worry—you don’t need to refurbish your floors, as jade is best used on your face. All you need is a jade roller, a non-invasive skin tool that was used prevalently in ancient China.

Jade rollers have been around so long that they can be found in museums as relics of emperors and queens’ beauty regimens. It’s a handheld tool that’s structurally comparable to a paint roller. Usually, on one end there’s a regular-size, almond-shaped piece of jade, with a smaller version on the other end. Using it is easy peasy: After applying your facial serums and moisturizers, you roll the jade over your face in upward motions, starting from your neck all the way up to your forehead.

In crystal healing practices, jade is known to help shield you from negativity while balancing your chi, or your life force. If that’s a veritable side benefit, well then that’s just wonderful. But even the skeptical or anti-woo can use jade to help add an uplifting touch to your complexion.

The Jade Roller SPA edition retails for $46

The Jade Roller SPA edition retails for $46

The Wonderful Skin Benefits of Jade Rolling

According to Leila Carter, founder of JadeRollerBeauty, jade rolling is akin to giving your face a relaxing massage. One of the most salient benefits is its ability to drain the lymphatic fluid that’s often stagnant underneath the tissue. “This fluid acts as a ‘bath water’ of sorts for the cells, refreshing and replenishing nutrients,” says Carter. But when the lymphatic system is stationary, it holds onto toxins and can cause blockages. Jade rolling helps open these blockages to stimulate circulation. Getting the blood flowing is key that youthfully healthy, just-got-back-from-Hawaii rosiness.

Jade rolling also physically relaxes the facial muscles which often hold a lot of tension (think about how much you furrow your brows when you read the new these days). This tautness and strain occurs mostly around the forehead and eyes, and daily jade rolling helps “smooth” them out, just like a masseuse would with your neck after you’ve been hunched over your computer all day. In fact, Carter explains that a lot of her customers report smoother fine lines and wrinkles, and find an “uplifting” effect on their cheekbones and jawline.

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Reeling the jade around the fragile eye area can also help depuff by giving it a little cool-to-touch micro-massage (this is when the smaller end comes in handy). You can house yours in the fridge for some extra chill, but the stone feels refreshing even at room temps.

Finally—and possibly the most functional benefit—is enhancing the penetration of your topical skincare treatments. “Any sort of occlusion, including with a surface like a roller, can increase absorption of a product," Dr. Annie Chiu, a dermatologist, tells Especially on lazy days when your skincare routine ends with you swiftly wiping on moisturizer, a jade roller can help really get that skincare goodness into the dermis.

The Jade Roller PRO retails at $50

The Jade Roller PRO retails at $50

What to Look For in a Jade Roller

Jade rollers are either made from authentic jade or glass that’s dyed to look like jade, Carter explains. As you’d rightfully guess, the former is pricier than the latter, but if you want to imitate the tried-and-true routine of Chinese royalty, go with real jade.

While most places offer one type of jade roller, Carter offers multiple, as the size and shape of the stone can offer various benefits. Her SPA roller holds a heavier stone and feels like an “uplifting deep tissue massage” that’s perfect for relieving tension headaches and contouring cheekbones, she says. “The PRO has a more distributed pressure because of it's elongated rolling pin shape, great for diminishing appearance of fine lines and for rolling over serums.” Whichever you go with, you’ll reap the benefits either way as long as you’re consistent.

Managing Expectations

Go into jade rolling knowing that it’s working its wonders within the skin (and possibly your chi). Think about how a full body massage works: it isn’t going to make you look different, but it makes your body work better and your relaxing your mind. You’re not going to see a 180-degree transformation (this isn't plastic surgery), but with patience and time, your skin will do some “letting go,” whether that's negative energy or tension. One day, you'll look up and suddenly see your skin looks happier and more Zen than it used to.

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