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Mark Your Calendar for Food Inc.

"Food Inc.does for the supermarket what Jaws did to the beach,” according to Variety.


Quite an analogy!

Food, Inc. an eye-opening, mouth-closing documentary from director Robert Kennar, opens June 12 in select theatres in New York, LA and San Francisco. It expands to more cities nationwide on June 19.

What’s all the fuss about?

The documentary centers around the harsh reality of where our food comes from. The film argues that the branding behind our food products – that of friendly farms and happy, hardy farm workers – is actually one huge myth. Instead, the film points out, our food is churned out, assembly line style, from a small group of multi-national corporations.

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From the Organic Authority Files

This type of ‘factory food’ is abusive to both animals and humans. In order to shield us from the ugly truths behind factory food, the industry has deliberately dropped an ‘invisible veil’ between consumers and where their food comes from…because quite simply, if more people knew, they wouldn’t want to eat it.

Not very appetizing.

Monsanto’s Revenge

Meanwhile, the huge food corporation and maker of genetically-modified food (GMO), Monsanto, isn’t taking Food, Inc. lying down. They have posted an entire Food Inc. rebuttal section on their site. Special thanks to La Vida Locavore for discounting much of what the corporate food monster has posted there.

I’ve long been an advocate for fresh, seasonal, local and organic food – and the myriad health benefits therein. Organic food is more nutrient rich, and better for the planet. I’m thrilled that Food, Inc. will get people talking about the source of our food, which is both a huge health issue and one with deep planetary impact.

Do you plan on seeing the film? Share your thoughts here, either after or before you see it and let us know what you think!

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