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Organic Authority Exclusive! Save Big on Beverly Hills’ Finest Natural Skin Care Solution (Limited Quantities)

Don't miss this exclusive sale.
Lue Skincare by Jean Seo

Organic Authority is excited to announce our latest uber-exclusive sale on products from newly-launched line Lué by natural skin care expert Jean Seo, founder of Évolué of Beverly Hills. Jean never puts her products on sale, but we have worked some magic to score a deal for you (you're welcome!).

Jean Seo started her first skin care line, Évolué, in Beverly Hills in 2010, tailor-making her products for individual needs and modifying them until they were just right. Seo's entire skin care mindset centers around making people feel good in their skin, and now, she's now introducing a second line with a very specific goal: helping to prevent acne.

This new line isn't a total surprise; after all, her original inspiration for natural skin care was her own sister, who suffered from acne -- when Seo realized the positive effect that natural skin care products had for her, she knew that she had found her calling. Seo recently tapped into this inspiration to write an article for Organic Authority on how to prevent acne naturally -- but she wants to help our readers even more with an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime sale.

Seo never puts her products on sale, but since she wants our readers to have them first, she has created a special opportunity for the first 99 people to save 30 percent on Lué, her new skin solution line.

She is selling her Lué Skin Solution Set, which retails at $35, for $25 plus free shipping (use coupon code 'Lue' at checkout (case-sensitive)). That's a 30 percent savings for 99 lucky ladies (or gents -- this product is unisex, to boot). The set contains:

Exclusive Flash Sale! 99 Lucky People Can Save 30 Percent on Jean Seo's Natural Skincare Line Evolue

Step 1 of Lue's skin solution set, Erase, a cleansing, exfoliating, and brightening powder made with non-fat milk powder, finely milled whole grain oats, and a touch of magnesium carbonate. This perfectly pH-balanced gommage clears complexion, balances skin, and leaves it radiant and smooth.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Exclusive Flash Sale! 99 Lucky People Can Save 30 Percent on Jean Seo's Natural Skincare Line Evolue

Step 2 of the set, Balance, is a hydrating and calming serum which firms and tones, while controlling oil and shine to minimize pores. Made with a perfect concentration of sodium hyaluronate, this gentle and effective oil-free moisturizer can be used on all skin types to increase moisture retention and counter the effect of environmental aggressors.

Exclusive Flash Sale! 99 Lucky People Can Save 30 Percent on Jean Seo's Natural Skincare Line Evolue

Step 3 of the set, Clear, is a powerful compound which leaves skin smooth, radiant, and clear. Using a special blend of 12 herbs and organic biodynamic alcohol, this tincture is the ultimate spot control for leaving your skin flawless.

These are products that you can feel good about using. "I go to the ends of the Earth to source the highest quality ingredients, to create the skin care line I can be proud of," Seo says. "I have followed my heart, never settled, and created the luxurious skin care line that you deserve."

To take advantage of this offer click the below "Buy Now" button and use the code 'Lue' (case-sensitive) at checkout. Just a few clicks, and this set is yours!

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Discover how to use the products with this handy, how-to video:

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