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Quiz: What’s Your Summer Vacation Personality?

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Do you live for adventure, or love to sleep on the beach? Should you travel with kids or as a couple? Discover your summer vacation personality with the questions below – and then GO.

1. Close your eyes and imagine yourself on vacation. What do you hear?

A. The sound of crashing ocean waves and seagulls

B. Chattering in a language that you can’t understand

C. Children laughing and squealing with joy

D. A knock at the door followed by someone saying, “room service

2. What’s your idea of the perfect meal?

A. Anything besides lunch at your work desk

B. Exotic cuisine in a restaurant that you’ve never tried before

C. A casual dinner where all the kids behave and nothing is spilled

D. A romantic meal for two by candlelight with wine and dessert

3. How do you want to feel when you return from your next vacation?

A. Relaxed

B. Inspired

C. Connected

D. In Love

4. What would ruin your trip?

A. Having too many plans and not enough time to chill

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B. Downtime overload – you can only sunbathe for so long

C. Being away from the people I love the most

D. Going alone

5. What is your favorite souvenir from your last vacation?

A. You don’t even remember – it was so long ago!

B. A handmade craft or painting bought in a local market

C. A picture of your family together

D. A special gift given to you by your traveling partner

Add up your answers to find your results.

 If you answered mostly A’s – Some people travel for stimulation – not you, not this year. You need to press pause on life, take a breather and recharge your batteries. Plan an easygoing vacation to an island or coastal region with plenty of beach time and mai tais. Bring a new book and escape as long as you can go. You deserve it!

If you answered mostly B’s – You are ready for a true adventure. Book that trip you’ve always wanted to take, and explore a culture that’s totally different from your own. Go bungalow hopping in Thailand, try Peru on for size, or immerse yourself in the colorful markets of Morocco. Sign up for an eco-tour or volunteer in a foreign country.

If you answered mostly C’s – Let’s face it: you’re firmly in family vacationland. Embrace it! Pile up the station wagon and head to a lakeside cabin, oceanfront resort, or forested campground to spend some time with your kids and make memories that will last a lifetime. Let your kids see you having fun and making play a priority.

If you answered mostly D’s – You are sentimental and are craving a romantic rendezvous. Jet away to Paris for the weekend, plan an escape to New York City or head into the mountains and find a hideaway cabin with your special someone. Unattached? Sign up for a dating service or try to meet someone online – life is too beautiful not to share it with someone.

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