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Is Reiki Healing the Secret for Glowing Skin?

Yes, your skin needs good vibes too.
Is Reiki Healing the Secret for Glowing Skin?

Skincare and anti-aging are subjects most of us take seriously. In fact, product-consciousness seems to be at an all-time high. But, choosing the right skincare products is only one aspect of keeping skin healthy and minimizing signs of aging. Stress, pollution, diet and anxiety are just a few additional factors to consider when analyzing the state of our skin and body.

Recently, in exploring a more holistic approach to skincare, I interviewed Andrea S. Barone, a reiki healer and innovator in luxurious skincare. She clued me in to how reiki-infused skin and body products work, and why they’re more than just a passing fad.

Organic Authority: What is reiki?

Andrea S. Barone: Reiki is an alternative therapy which involves energy work for healing the body. It is based on the idea that ‘life force energy’ flows through all of us and that a reiki therapist can channel energy into a patient allowing for the restoration of the person’s physical and emotional well-being. The energy from a proficient reiki practitioner’s hands creates a measurably larger biomagnetic field than normal.

OA: Why is reiki healing?

AB: As healing energy is guided into a patient’s body, it affects the inner energetic systems of their body and is thus able to treat the whole person by positively affecting their body, mind, and soul. The flow of reiki energy in the body helps the body to heal itself and return to a state of harmonic resonance. Many Eastern healing traditions rely on energy medicine and it is even used as a healing practice in hospitals which can serve as evidence as to its effectiveness.  

OA: What benefits does reiki have on skin and body?

AB: Since reiki works on subtle energetic systems throughout the body, it impacts the whole body as it promotes healing. Most people experience a reduction in anxiety, pain, depression and fatigue after a reiki treatment and leave the treatment area feeling very relaxed. As many of the patient’s stresses are shed away, their inner radiance begins to shine which positively reflects on their face and skin.

OA: How is skincare infused with reiki?

AB: Skincare can be infused with reiki energy much in the same way that a reiki practitioner would channel energy into a patient. The flow of energy into a product containing raw ingredients, crystals, organic botanicals, and essential oils can be positively charged with healing energy. Furthermore, as we consider that we are all made of energy and connected regardless of time and space, I also send out a flow of reiki energy to all our products and clients each day for a little boost. 

Visiting a Reiki healer can come with a hefty price tag, but seeking outside help isn’t the only option for experiencing the benefits of Reiki. There are multiple at-home methods that incorporate the healing power of crystals to relax, invite positivity and divine energy.

Top Reiki Skincare Products

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From the Organic Authority Files

Crystal Hills Organics Body Serum Crystal Love Rose Quartz $39

A reiki-infused rose-scented potion that softens skin and deeply nourishes. Sixty thousand rose petals go into one ounce of rose absolute! This bottle contains aphrodisiac ingredients and rose quartz, which symbolized the essence of love. Raise your vibrations and envelop yourself in good vibes by spraying on this silky oil following your shower.


Simply Devine Botanicals Rose du Jour $28.95 

This Reiki-energized cream deeply moisturizes without clogging pores. It promotes skin cell regeneration, healing, and hydration. Its first ingredient is unconditional love and gratitude, followed by essential oils, coconut cream, and nourishing cucumber.  


Carefree Organics Full Moon Mist $19.99

An organic blend of essential oils to promote letting go and releasing anything that doesn’t serve you. The perfect mist to spray during meditation, yoga or at-home relaxation. This Reiki-infused blend is crafted in the USA in small batches using moonstone and smoky quartz. 


Apothecary Co Mermaid Magic Ocean Crystals $28

Unwind both body and mind with a rose quartz crystal infused hot bath. Rose quartz crystals promote a sense of peace and well being while salt draws out toxins and calms the nervous system. 

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