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Not to Get All Woo-Woo, but Crystal Healing Works Wonders for Anxiety

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This is Why Crystal Healing Can Work Wonders for Anxiety

Crystal healing therapy is a form of alternative healing that uses crystals and gemstones to encourage the flow of energy and healing.

The practice, as New-Agey as it sounds, uses a combination of energy healing practices like Reiki, Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda, to unlock blocked energy, absorb negative energy, and stimulate positive energy. Plus: Crystals. On your body. How awesome is that?

What Exactly is Crystal Healing?

Certain gemstones contain various healing properties, for example, amethyst is considered good for the intestines, green aventurine is good for the heart, and yellow topaz provides mental clarity, according to Krista Mitchell of Crystal Reiki.

In addition to utilizing the power of certain stones, a healing session also enlists the power of the chakra points--seven energy centers in the body starting at the base of the spine and extending up the Shushumna (spine) to the crown of the head.

Many crystal healers have a background in Reiki, a Japanese healing technique where the practitioner channels energy through his or her own body. It can be done hands-on or hands-off. Crystals are often used in addition to Reiki to either absorb blockages, absorb negative energy, direct energy, or infuse energy into the system.

During a session, a practitioner will discuss issues that a client is currently dealing with along with using Reiki to find blockages. Crystals will be placed along the chakra system to promote balance along the individual energy centers as well as at other points that may require assistance.

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4 Tips for Using Crystals to Treat Anxiety at Home

Devi Brown, founder of Karma Bliss and an avid collector and student of crystal healing, says that stones and crystals can raise your vibration when anxiety and self doubt set in. She contends that certain stones are particularly powerful during these troublesome times. Here are some tips for introducing positive energy through crystals:

1. Choose grounding and heart opening crystals and gemstones.

Brown uses certain crystals and stones on a regular basis to cultivate positive energy.

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"Citrine connects you to your root chakra to help with grounding," she says. "And malachite opens up your heart chakra so you're less fearful. Mookaite jasper, which is only found in Australia, is also really grounding and helps you to reach your full potential."

2. Take them with you where ever you go.

Brown recommends taking your crystals and stones with you when you leave the house. In fact, her lifestyle company Karma Bliss produces Dharma Bliss Bags--a set of crystals and stones curated for times when you need a little extra boost. Although you can collect your own stones as well.

3. Outfit your home and office with crystals and stones.

Certain stones work well in certain rooms, depending on your needs, says Brown.

"I keep black tourmaline and black obsidian stones at the door to ward off negativity," she says. "It helps to keep bad energy outside of the house. I also keep clear quartz in my office because it can help with focus and clarity."

4. Use other stones to balance out your chakras.

Other stones that may be worth introducing include smoky quartz. Placing it at the root chakra (right above the first three vertebrae) can help ground the body down and cultivate mindfulness and connection. Smoky quartz is also helpful for absorbing stress in the body. Rose quartz and green calcite can be placed on the heart chakra to reduce stress and heart ache.

Other Tips for Treating Anxiety Naturally

Brown suffered from anxiety on a constant basis prior to embarking on her self discovery journey. She says that crystals are just one tool that she regularly utilizes for healing. She's also a certified meditation instructor who practices one to two times daily and journals about her emotions.

She says that when emotions like anxiety, restlessness, depression, and instability come up instead of trying to get rid of them, dig into the feeling. Look deeply at what's causing the pain and don't just run away.

**This is not a doctor's advice. Talk to your doctor if you're suffering from anxiety.

Do you use crystals and stones for healing? What are your favorites? Let us know via Twitter @OrganicAuthorit

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