Skincare Goddess Tammy Fender Spills the Skin-Beautifying Ingredients You Must Use ASAP

Tammy Fender Skincare Tips
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If you’re a natural-skincare fanatic, start geeking out right now. Tammy Fender, a pioneer in the world of natural beauty and holistic living and founder of Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare, sat down with us to share her deepest, darkest (or rather, lightest, most uplifting) secrets to getting your prettiest, healthiest skin ever and more — so much more.

So, stop what you’re doing, and get ready to take notes from this powerhouse of good living.

Organic Authority: Tell us about your company! How does it offer something different to the healthy, conscious customer? What is the ultimate benefit for your customer?

Tammy Fender: Our treatments and formulations, each crafted from the purest sacred botanical remedies, work through the skin to restore vibrancy and wellness on every level—from the cellular to the spiritual. So while we heal through the skin, the transformation resonates far below the surface. Our work, which embraces every aspect of the holistic lifestyle, reveals a deeper radiance, bringing oneself into balance.

OA: Do you do anything unique or unexpected to maintain radiant skin?

TF: With all the many products and procedures and protocols out there these days, one thing that’s easily lost is our tenderness. The skin, which is our biggest organ, is also extremely sensitive. So one way that my formula blends and the way that I work with clients is different is that I never overpower the skin’s natural capacities. We work without aggression, which optimizes the skin’s incredible potential to heal and regenerate.

OA: Please tell us about the Pure Living Energy® in your skincare. What is it and how does it function to ultimately benefit skin?

TF: For me, the plant kingdom is bursting with healing potential, and each medicinal remedy is serving as a beautiful source of life force, Pure Living Energy. Our bodies have evolved in harmony with these traditional botanical remedies for thousands of years and on the cellular level they are absorbed and utilized so effortlessly, providing all the essentials for glowing good health. At the same time, I’ve pioneered the use of more gentle processing techniques, which better transmit the potency, integrity, and energetic vibration of the plants we use directly into the collection. 

OA: We all know and love carrot oil and jojoba oil. But tell us about a few skincare ingredients that don’t get enough credit. 

TF: There are so many! One that I’ve found fascinating lately would be baobab fruit, which is an amazing therapeutic moisturizer that’s full of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. It brings the luster back to depleted skin. The second would be white lily, which promotes overall rejuvenation so beautifully, healing burns and wounds, but also creating a hydrating, protective veil over skin, preserving that natural dewy freshness.

OA: Is there a food you’ve decided to remove from your life entirely? Why? What’s the difference you see and feel?

TF: I stay away from processed foods and the overuse of digital stimulation. I feel like both are more than the body can really handle. It makes a difference!

OA: Do you have any “uncommon” habits for the sake of health and wellness? 

TF: I do devote my very early morning, beginning at 4 a.m. or 5 a.m., to an hour of prayer and meditation, which is also how I spend my last hour of the day — before sleep. Spending this time in contemplation each day helps me continue to opening myself to new insights. For me, it’s essential.

OA: Aside from the prayer and meditation, what else do you do on an average morning?

TF: I’m a huge fan of all the daily habits that encourage detoxification, which support great immune health. Every morning, even before taking a sip of water, I practice oil pulling, swishing a small spoonful of sesame oil around the mouth to remove toxins without stripping plaque from teeth or harming the gums. Then I start my day with a glass of lemon water in order to improve digestion. And I’m a fan of dry-brushing, which activates the lymphatic system, again supporting detoxification and good immune health. 

For the complexion, exfoliation not only lends a fresh polish, but removes any impurities — though it needs to be done with delicacy, cleansing away dead cells and sparking fresh growth in a way that doesn’t damage the skin’s natural protective barrier or the underlying cellular structure. (My clay-based Epi-Peel, an exfoliating peel and masque all-in-one, is formulated to free the pores in this way, stimulating circulation and boosting the flow of nutrients and oxygen.) 

OA: What are the wellness and beauty products you splurge on—no matter what? 

TF: For me, clearing the time on self-care is one of the greatest benefits we can bring to the skin — it’s such a luxury to spend time creating a beauty ritual with conscious intention. It’s not about the money, it’s more about taking the time to power down the devices and apply a beautiful treatment masque or to take an evening bath infused with a poultice of fresh flowers and herbs. 

OA: What’s your natural pick-me-up for the (inevitable) 3pm energy crash? 

TF: For an afternoon pick-me-up, I always turn to Quintessential Serum—my powerhouse serum, concentrating a wealth of vital, active botanical remedies into each drop. Friends use it when they want to quickly re-touch their makeup in the late afternoon, or before going out, simply skimming a precious drop of two across the brow bone, cheek, and jawline to bring out the glow. Another instant refresher comes by taking a drop or two of rosemary essential oil and rubbing it between the palms, then taking a lovely deep inhale. Lately, while walking in California or in Florida, where rosemary grows so freely, I’ve found myself picking a sprig here or there and keeping it in my pocket — just to pull it out so I can smell that uplifting fragrance again and again.

OA: Do you have a mantra? We’d love to hear it!

TF: I don’t know if I would call it a mantra, but I believe in the power of connection. Listening in — to the world around us, tuning into nature — or tuning into kindness, and giving of oneself in love and gratitude. 

OA: What’s one way you always make healthy food delicious and appetizing?

TF: There is nothing like finding new ways to eat vegetables in their natural, raw state. I rely so heavily on fresh herbs to make all sorts of new dressings and to bring that fresh zest to salads. With fresh herbs—especially mint, thyme, parsley and rosemary—you can do almost anything.

OA: What advice would you give to someone who wants to live healthier but prefers taking one step at a time?

TF: Do commit to a plan with a long-term goal, but don’t try to do everything at once. It might be good to start by simplifying your routine. I find that many new clients are simply overloading skin with too many products, for example, so going through and checking the labels of anything on your shelf and removing those that might not be beneficial. In making dietary changes, you might start by transforming one meal of the day — for many, starting with a healthy breakfast and working from there is best. In taking more time to rest, I know some have benefited from setting an alarm when it’s time to go to bed, not only those for waking up. Scheduling time to be out in nature also has incredible overall benefits — even if it means booking a time in your calendar to renew that connection.

OA: What’s your opinion on DIYing skincare? Do you think it’s safe? If so, are there any recipes you’d like to share?

TF: I love it! Yes, and it is safe when you start with healthy ingredients right from the kitchen, such as oils, yogurt, honey, powered grains, and herbs. Remember, the skin thrives on nutrients, and you can increase absorption by massaging in each blend with a small, circular massage. Microcirculation brings blood supply to the surface and helps the oxygen and nutrients travel to every layer of the skin. 

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