The 5 Easy Steps to Radiant Health Supermodel Gisele Bündchen Swears By

Gisele Bündchen's Tips for Radiant Health
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What does supermodel Gisele Bündchen know about radiant health? One peek at her Instagram and she appears to blissfully weave together health, wealth, glamour, family, and spirituality. Yet, is Bündchen just another social media sham? Definitely not.

One of the most famous clean-living celebrities, Bündchen, and her five-time Super Bowl champ hubby Tom Brady, definitely walk the walk with a healthy balanced lifestyle. Certainly, having an organic garden and a personal chef/nutritionist helps. With her busy career and full family life, Bündchen makes a very smart choice by keeping her health guidelines simple. We put together Bündchen’s main go-to guidelines into five easy steps so that everyone can experience radiant health.

1. Alkalize. Then fortify.

Before breakfast (especially coffee!) first, give your body a clean slate by alkalizing your pH and jump start your digestive system. It’s easy to do with a simple glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice. Bündchen told Vogue, “We’ll follow this up with a revitalizing herbal juice and super-vitamin smoothie, made in a blender with organic fruits. Later in the morning, we’ll have brunch with fresh fruit, eggs, avocados, gluten-free bread and coconut butter.”

2. Give your digestive system a night off.

Regular light early dinners allow your digestive system to spend less energy digesting your food. Which means all that extra energy goes to restoring your body while you sleep. Think of it this way: Remember the last time you slept in late? You woke up feeling fresh, totally rejuvenated and had extra energy for the day. That’s what a light early dinner does for your digestive system and entire body.

3. Be inclusive in moderation.

With so many extreme diets wiping out entire food groups, Bündchen said no to exclusion and yes to moderation. Which means eating lean and organic red meat once a month. While Bündchen tells Vogue that she mainly eats fruit, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, fish and organic chicken, the occasional red meat meal is alright by her.

4. Eat a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

By eating a variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables, you’re sure to get a smattering of nutrients that your body needs when it’s most beneficial. Bündchen says her favorite homemade recipe is “a dish split into seven portions, with kale, broccoli, quinoa, avocado, beetroot, sweet potato and cherry tomatoes. It works just as well for lunch as it does for the afternoon or during a hectic evening.”

5. Cleanse your body and mind.

Bündchen understands the mind-body connection when it comes to wellness and boosting immunity. As she explained in Vogue, she tries to pair her detox cure with a silent retreat, “as it’s the perfect way to put your body and mind at rest for a weekend. I feel like this physical and mental detox even helps to boost my immune system, as I never get sick anymore.”

For someone with an incredibly demanding life, Bündchen reveals just how easily we can be blissfully healthy and radiant. No private garden or chef required.

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