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The Food Safety Enhancement Act: Only the Name Sounds Good

On 7/30, the U.S. House of Representatives passed HR 2749, the Food Safety Enhancement Act, by a vote of 283 to 141. Next stop: the Senate.


‘Food Safety Enhancement’…sure sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Sadly, it’s just the opposite. This encouragingly-named, but off-the-mark bill, will adversely impact small farms and food producers. It fails to provide significant reforms for the industrial food system, like the big ‘agribusinesses’ exposed in Food, Inc.

HR 2749 takes a one-size-fits-all approach, making local producers subject to the same regulations as huge, industrial firms.

Cow Poop: Just One Reason Big Agribusiness is a Bummer

From the Organic Authority Files

There’s so many reasons to be opposed to big, industrialized food manufacturers (and oppose HR 2749, since it indirectly supports them)!

For starters, poop in your meat. Huge agribusinesses allow cattle to eat a poor excuse for a diet in piles of cow manure. This cow poop is often infected with E. coli. Not only do cattle ingest it, but it travels…winds can carry the E. coli to neighboring farms – even organically managed ones. A literal ‘shit storm,’ if you will.

In addition, even though cows are herbivores, big producers feed them grains (which their stomachs are not engineered, biologically, to digest) as well as an unhealthy diet of animal by-products, junk food and who knows what else. It all adds up to a sick cow, that consumers wind up eating.

Eating grass-fed and certified organic meat lowers your risk of ingesting food borne illnesses… and guess who raises this premium quality meat? The same small ranchers and producers at risk from 2749’s alarming provisions.

Take action: oppose HR 2749. And stay tuned…I’ll be following HR 2749 as it heads towards the senate and keep you updated!

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