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Have you ever thought about doing the Master Cleanse or Lemonade Cleanse but didn't have the courage to do it? Well…here is your chance! I am launching the Green Club Detox Challenge. Join me as I and other members of the Green Club bond together in support of each other as we tackle the Master Cleanse.


What is it?

Beginning Monday July 13th, we are launching the 10 day Green Club Detox Challenge complete with a community blog! We are having our first free introductory Green Club Detox Challenge telecall, Wednesday July 8th, 5pm pacific time to prepare you for the cleanse.

If you are ready to snap your metabolism back into shape, kick up your energy and lose a few pounds and detox your body this summer (which is very healing for the body), after a big food filled 4th of July holiday, this is for you! The suggested length of time is for 10 days. I will be doing it for 10 days along with my husband, and I hope you will to!

We will have milestones for specific days. Those who make it to day 4, get their photo and name posted on our Green Club Detox Congratulations Page. Those who make it to day 7, get a complementary month of the Green Club. Those who make it to day 10, get a complementary month of the Green Club and a 30 minute personal consult from me that's a value over $144!

From the Organic Authority Files

Remember, I am not a doctor, and this is not medical advice. Therefore, please check with your doctor to see if this is right for you. What I know about the Master Cleanse is nothing more than my experience and is exactly what I will share with you.

To reserve your spot, click here

A few points we will cover:

  • #1 Most Common Mistake people make while on the cleanse.
  • The #1 most common mistake people make when they get off the cleanse.

Things you might discover while on the cleanse

  • Emotional Eating habits
  • Avoidance or keeping busy eating habits
  • Your ego or mental chatter that will try and talk you out of doing the cleanse, or into eating while on the cleanse
  • You can exercise and do the cleanse when done properly
  • You'll save money (you won't be eating out!)
  • Weight loss
  • Your energy will skyrocket
  • It's not as hard as you think if you drink enough of the drink!
  • Self Discipline

I am excited as I could use a little pick me up after the 4th of July as I am feeling a little bloated! My energy always goes through the roof when I do it and I always shed a few pounds.

To register for our initial introductory call happening Wednesday July 8, 2009 at 5pm pacific time, register here to get the call in details:

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