Why You Need Vegan Makeup Brushes in Your Kit

Why You Need Vegan Makeup Brushes in Your Kit

Where there is makeup, there are never makeup brushes far behind. Especially for those of us who love mineral and pressed powders, finding the right brush for your needs can make all the difference.

Here’s the thing, though; a lot of the bristles in makeup brushes are made up of animal hair, and we’re not talking hair that’s just naturally fallen off of our furry friends. So technically, if fur coats make you cringe, the thought of rubbing a squirrel on your face to get the perfect contour probably will, too.

But animal hair must have some advantages, right? Well, not really.

When Synthetic Trumps Natural

If you’re always looking for the greener option when it comes to beauty, it may seem like going the most natural route is the best choice. However, when we’re talking about applying your blush (or foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc), the synthetic option comes out on top.

Not only is it guaranteed to be cruelty-free and animal free, but there are a few other benefits, too. Most vegan makeup brushes use Taklon, a polyester fiber which is cut to mimic the feel of real hair, but without the pitfalls of an organic material. Because there are no cuticles, and it is non-absorbent, Taklon hairs do not trap dirt, powder, and bacteria, making them more hygienic and far easier to clean.

Ever been happily stroking your pet and felt a sneeze coming on? Yep, you guessed it – using synthetic hairs also means you can skip out on irritating allergies. Try these vegan makeup brushes for size and you’ll instantly feel the difference.

vegan makeup brushes

Best for face makeup: Alima Pure

Luxury lovers will swoon over these clean, sleek looking makeup brushes. Usually, duo-fiber makeup brushes are a mixture of animal and synthetic hair, but these are completely vegan, with all of the perks remaining. The white bristles are less dense, allowing for lighter, more buildable application. This makes them especially great for things like foundation, where some areas you might want higher coverage than others and for it to be, of course, super blendable for a natural looking finish.

vegan makeup brushes

Best for eye makeup: Lily Lolo

Know your tight lining from your socket blending? Then these brushes will have all of your artistic desires covered, minus the need for any cruelty. There are eight brushes in total that can be used for eye makeup (ten if you’re counting the fact two are double ended), so you can make the most of your eyeshadow collection and create all kinds of looks! The easy to clean Taklon bristles also means you can give them a quick wipe in between colors (and between more thorough washes).

vegan makeup brushes

Best for travel: EcoTools

If there’s one brand that knows how to do vegan makeup brushes, it’s EcoTools — the company has been doing it for ten years! One of the first to make cruelty-free brushes serious contenders, all of these brushes are certified by PETA, and have added green points by making use of recycled aluminum and sustainable resource, bamboo, for the handles. EcoTools are always coming out with new creations, but it’s the various kits which steal hearts. They’re ideal for building up your brush kit affordably, and super easy to carry around thanks to compact sizes and cute (tree-free) reusable pouches.

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