Natura Bissé’s Bubble Pure Air Facial is Pure Magic

Natura Bissé's Bubble Pure Air Facial is Pure Magic

I finally set aside some “me time” for a facial at the beachfront Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara, Calif. Yet, this was no ordinary facial. It literally takes place in a bubble. Yet, Natura Bissé’s Bubble Pure Air is the type of bubble you actually want to be in because inside you breathe 99.995% pure oxygen. No pollution. No pathogens. No allergens. Sounds like 100% heaven to me.

After I slipped into a silky soft spa bathrobe, my therapist escorted me to the spa’s outdoor garden that was beautifully styled like a chic Hollywood award show lounge. I sat on an elegant white velvet couch opposite a glass table with bouquets and ice buckets filled with champagne. In-between the couch and champagne was the bubble. Which looked like a round white tent from the future. Perhaps, this is what it will be like having facials in space? My therapist unzipped the bubble and invited me to step inside. Immediately, I noticed a difference in the air. It had a pureness I hadn’t experienced before.

My facial began with deep breathing as my practitioner assessed my skin for its specific needs which was (as always) hydration. She recommended we use Natura Bissé’s Diamond line, including the Glyco Peel, which felt a touch fiery for a few seconds while the enzymes worked their magic. Out with the old dull complexion. In with tight, bright, and glowing skin. All the while, I breathed 99.995% pure oxygen.

Natura Bisse Bubble Pure Air

Afterward, my skin glowed and was indeed hydrated. But what surprised me most was how amazing my entire being felt. My mood was elevated. I was enthusiastic and filled with optimism. I couldn’t remember feeling this energized for a long time, which lasted the entire day and into the next. This incredible energy wasn’t the typical caffeine pop and drop. I felt enlivened and calm at the same time. Which made me wonder if it weren’t for all the pollutants in the air, could I feel this fantastic all time?

Count me in. I’m a fan of Natura Bissé’s Bubble Pure Air experience. Especially, when every guest also receives a complimentary travel kit. Taking facials to the next level of well-being, the Bubble Pure Air rejuvenates, purifies, and detoxes our skin and bodies from the inside out. Quite a new concept in the spa industry, it was the brainchild of a scientist when Natura Bissé recognized the holistic effects it could have and licensed the technology to develop the bubble.

My only complaint is that I have to wait for the Bubble Pure Air to return. You see, it’s a traveling bubble that visits spas around the world. The good news is that it’s due to return to Bacara Resort and Spa this summer. So, the next time someone accuses me of living in a bubble. I’ll answer no, but I prefer my facials in one.

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