Why You Need to Body Mask, Like Now


Facial masking is a skincare treatment that is often overlooked. But body masking? Almost never happens. Here’s why you should be using a body mask and how to choose one that’s right for your skin.

Maybe you’ve experienced body masking in a spa. But chances are you’ve never even considered this treatment at home.

You cleanse, exfoliate (sometimes), shave (most of the time), and moisturize. Isn’t that enough? If you are experiencing dry skin, body acne, or irritation, a body mask may be what you are missing.

Wondering what the difference is between a body mask and other body treatments? Doesn’t a scrub work the same as a body mask for acne? Isn’t a moisturizer just as good as a body mask for dry skin?

Facial masks are specialty skincare products designed to deliver intensive benefits for different skin issues. If you are dealing with dry, flaky skin, you’d use a facial mask that infuses the skin with moisture. Those battling upset skin conditions, like rosacea, opt for facial masks made with skin soothing ingredients. And when treating acne, you’d choose a treatment mask that clears pores and balances oil.

Same goes for body masks. You choose the type of mask that addresses your specific skin concerns. And, as with facial masks, you can multi-mask to treat a variety of issues at once. Whether you choose to use a prepared product or DIY, body masking can turn your skin issues around feels like an indulgent treat.

How to Choose and Use a Body Mask

Dry, Dehydrated Skin

Azara Organics Organic Seaweed Powder

Skin can become dry and dehydrated any time of year. Cold weather, too much sun, not enough water or healthy oils in your diet, and lack of proper moisture can all cause dryness. A body mask made with natural ingredients that quench thirsty skin will rehydrate and soften. Seaweed detoxifies, cleanses, and moisturizes. Skin is left feeling soft, purified, comfortable, and has a youthful glow.

Purchase an organic seaweed powder, like Azara Organics Organic Seaweed Powder, and mix with a few teaspoons of warm water to form a thin paste. Add a couple of drops of essential oil if you like. Lavender, geranium, chamomile, and neroli essential oils are all good for treating dry skin.

Oily Skin and Body Acne

Pursoma Earthbound Body Mask

Natural clays are super effective in treating oily and acne prone skin. They draw out impurities, clear pores, rid the skin of harmful bacteria, and balance oil production. Clays have the unique ability to prevent breakouts and clear the skin while calming inflammation and irritation. Kiss those harsh toxic body acne treatments goodbye and indulge skin with balancing clay.

Pursoma Earthbound Body Mask is made with French green clay (illite). Illite absorbs excess oil and debris from skin, exfoliates dead skin cells, and makes pores look smaller.

Sensitivity and Eczema

Super skin soothers help to tone down redness and irritation, and eliminate inflammation, keeping skin calm and happy. Honey is a natural skin healer, helping to repair skin damage due to sensitivity, and skin issues like eczema. This ingredient also softens skin and has natural antibacterial qualities.

Earth Tu Face Honey + Coconut Mask is designed for face but beneficial when used on irritated areas of the body, too. Eczema often shows up on arms, trunk, and legs. Using a bit of this mask with reparative honey and soothing rose petals will calm upset skin and speed up healing.

Tired and Overworked Skin

Source Vital Cool Body Mask

If your skin is going through a funk due to change in weather, eating too much junk, sleep deprivation, or other lifestyle stressors, indulge in a cooling body mask. Source Vital Cool Body Mask is formulated with super nourishing ingredients to revive tired, lackluster skin. Algae hydrates, aloe controls inflammation, and essential oils soothe and balance. Also great for giving skin a refreshed feel during hot weather months.

For Best Results When Using a Body Mask

To reap the most reward from your body mask, start with clean, freshly exfoliated skin. Not sure which exfoliation method is best for your skin? Take a peek at our comprehensive exfoliation guide before you get started.

Next, apply the body mask of your choice and allow to soak into skin. This may be done in the shower or bath tub to avoid mess. Spritzing with a hydrosol mist will keep the ingredients activated. If at any time your skin starts to burn or become uncomfortable, rinse the mask off.

Now shower and gently remove the mask with your hands or soft cloth. Be sure to moisturize after drying.

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