The Global Green Pre-Oscar Party: Greening Hollywood, One Eco Gift-Bag at a Time (and Why it Matters!)

The Global Green Oscar Pre-Party was filled with amazing people.

Hollywood isn’t exactly known for its low carbon footprint. So, when a Hollywood party is planned with the intention of showcasing and giving away amazing, green products, you know we’ll be singing the party’s praises. And that’s why we just have to crow about the annual Global Green’s Pre-Oscar Party.

Global Green USA, an environmental conservation nonprofit, was founded in 1994 by philanthropist Diane Meyer Simon. The organization is dedicated to fostering a global shift toward sustainability and aims to reconnect humanity with the environment. To help spread the green gospel to Hollywood elite, Global Green threw its annual Pre-Oscar Party on February 24. This year’s party was filled with “celebrities, eco-luminaries, environmental companies, political leadership and headline press from around the world” the site reports, all of whom gathered together in order “to celebrate sustainable solutions and hear the latest green messages from some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.” The 2016 party partner was our friends over at Lux & Eco.

So, you may be wondering who exactly attend Global Green’s 13th Annual Pre-Party. Here’s the scoop straight from the source.

Celebrity attendees included “Paula Abdul, Ed O’Neil, Emily Ratajkowski, Matt Walsh, Heather McDonald, Josh Radnor, Daphne Zuniga, Justin Baldoni, Maggie Grace, and Radha Mitchell,” Global Green reports. “Charlie Puth opened the show before headliner Stevie Wonder came on stage, where he was joined by his children who surprised Wonder with the Global Green Hero Award for being an environmental leader. After a brief speechless moment Wonder gathered his thoughts and urged his children to ‘encourage the young people of your generation to value the planet everywhere they go.’”

Obviously, the party was a total blast, but it is the event’s gift bag that made us really swoon.

While none of us got to go, we wanted to highlight the conservation-minded brands that were featured in the event’s signature gift bag. So, get your “click and follow” finger ready — you’re going to want to revisit all these brands — and more — in the future.

Global Green Pre-Oscar Party, Lux & Eco

Image of Lux & Eco product via Facebook


LUX & ECO, an online luxury boutique, sells products to people who only want to purchase well-made, beautiful, sustainable products.

In the gift bag: Eco tote bag, full size

Global Green Pre-Oscar Party, gems

Image via the brand’s Facebook

Kimberly McDonald Jewelry

According to Facebook, “Kimberly McDonald is a New York-based company specializing in fine jewelry made with natural and organic materials such as opals and geodes, complemented by diamonds and other precious as well as semi-precious gemstones.”

In the gift bag: Gift cards

Global Green Pre-Oscar Party, glass

Image via the brand’s Facebook

Spoken Glass

Spoken Glass engraves anything and everything that you want to make memorable. And for the party, Planet Experts gifted the #KnowYourPlanet Spoken Glass etched water bottle.

In the gift bag: Etched water bottle

Global Green Pre-Oscar Party, food

Image via the brand’s Facebook

Purely Elizabeth

The company makes gluten-free baking mixes and granola cereal that’s filled with whole grains and superfood seeds. The brand is free of dairy, sugar, wheat, and gluten, too.

In the gift bag: Organic and gluten-free granola 

Global Green Pre-Oscar Party, magazine

Image of Coco Eco Magazine via Facebook

Coco Eco Magazine

Coco Eco Magazine “is a multi-media, eco-chic lifestyle brand” that covers sustainable fashion, beauty, celebrity news, and culture.

In the gift bag: Full-size magazine

Global Green Pre-Oscar Party, coconut

Image of Jax Coco via Facebook

Jax Coco

Jax Coco sells 100-percent pure coconut water and other coconut products.

In the gift bag: Full-size Coco water

Healthy snacks, Coconut Bliss

Image via the brand’s Facebook

Kopari Beauty

Kopari Beauty makes luxurious coconut beauty products.

In the gift bag: Coconut sheer oil

Global Green Pre-Oscar Party, oil

Image via doTERRA’s Facebook

Rainbeau Mars and doTERRA

Rainbeau Mars is a natural lifestyle personality who encourages people to live a happy, organic life. DoTERRA makes therapeutic-grade, essential oils.

In the gift bag: Essential oils with doTERRA

Global Green Pre-Oscar Party, beauty

Image via the brand

Schmidts Deodorant

Schmidts Deodorant is natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. The brand sells unique scents that smell amazing — AKA, not like toxic chemicals.

In the gift bag: Travel-sized deodorant and a coupon for future purchases

Global Green Pre-Oscar Party, brushes

Image of brand via Facebook

Eco Tools

Eco Tools’ cosmetic brushes are 100-percent cruelty-free, have handles made of bamboo, and recycled aluminum ferrules.

In the gift bag: Full-size make-up brush kit

Earth-Friendly Products, food

Image via the brand

The Butcher’s Daughter

The Butcher’s Daughter serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. The restaurant makes 100-percent vegetarian and non-dairy meals, and most of its menu items are vegan and gluten-free.

In the gift bag: Gift cards

Global Green Pre-Oscar Party, sex

Image via the brand’s Facebook

Sustain Condoms

This condom brand is dedicated to safer sex and safe products.

In the gift bag: Pack of 3 condoms and organic lubricant

Global Green Pre-Oscar Party

Image via the brand

Earth Friendly Products

The brand makes green, great smelling detergent.

In the gift bag: Laundry detergent

Global Green Pre-Oscar Party, magazine

Image via the brand’s Facebook

Gather Journal

This magazine is bi-annual and recipe-driven — it’s “dedicated to the many aspects of gathering: to dine, to drink, to harvest, and, most importantly, to cook.”

In the gift bag: Full-size magazine

Global Green Pre-Oscar Party, movie

Image via the film’s Facebook

“Into The Cold”

According to Facebook, the film follows “Sebastian Copeland and Keith Heger on their dramatic and historic Centennial expedition to the North Pole.”

In the gift bag: DVD documentary

Global Green Pre-Oscar Party, book

Image via the book’s Facebook

“Green is Good” Book

This book teaches the average American how to make clean energy and energy efficiency a part of daily life.

In the gift bag: The book

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