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37 Small Victories to Celebrate

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Setting large and ambitious goals is very important, because it encourages us to grow into more loving, kind and happy human beings. Achieving a big goal like graduating from college or getting married should be celebrated with great fanfare and Champagne whenever possible. However, these major life milestones only come around every few years or so. Sometimes, life just lines up to go your way and you want to give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back. Other days, you need a mental medal of participation just for getting out of bed and getting dressed. Give yourself one. Celebrating small victories – like finding an awesome parking spot or having a brilliant hair day – can be just as important as heralding big achievements.

Celebrating small victories doesn’t mean coddling your motivating spirit, but rather fueling it with the positive reinforcement it needs to keep going. You must become your #1 fan, and be a cheerleader for making right decisions in your life.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Your subconscious brain knows little difference between winning the lottery and winning a free ham at the grocery store; the mind just racks up positives and negatives. So make sure that you are counting every positive thing that goes your way, giving yourself an inner high-five every time you achieve even a little goal.

Small Victories to Celebrate:

  1. You woke up alive! High five!
  2. You find a primo parking space.
  3. You make someone laugh.
  4. You have a good hair day!
  5. You get a random compliment from a stranger.
  6. You’re first in line!
  7. You catch all the green lights.
  8. You un-jam the printer.
  9. You make a healthy meal choice.
  10. You drink water instead of __________.
  11. You turn on the radio to find a song you love playing. Sing it!
  12. You grab the last item on the shelf!
  13. You find the weird produce you are looking for at the farmers market. Score!
  14. You give a random compliment to a stranger.
  15. You find something you thought was lost! Right on!
  16. You receive a rebate check that you forgot all about.
  17. You try a new food.
  18. You arrive just in time for sunset.
  19. You do someone a favor. How nice.
  20. You solve a crisis at work before it starts.
  21. Your child says, “I love you.”
  22. Your grocery bill is less than you thought it would be.
  23. You go to the post office – and there isn’t a wait at all!
  24. You get a discount that you didn’t even know about.
  25. You find the gorgeous shoes in the style you need in just one size – yours!
  26. You finally fix that broken __________.
  27. You take a tiny step towards a larger goal.
  28. You are able to find the all-natural, organic version! Eat up!
  29. You did the laundry! Clean clothes are so nice!
  30. The waitress gets your special order exactly right the first time.
  31. You buy yourself flowers. You deserve them!
  32. You meditate for five minutes. Start small to grow!
  33. You get a smile from a dog. Good juju!
  34. You visit a friend in need.
  35. You pick up a piece of garbage on the ground and put it in the bin. Thanks!
  36. You keep it together for another day without screaming at anyone. Bravo!
  37. You finish reading an article! You’re so inquisitive!

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