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4 Ways to Use Coconut Oil Everyday

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So, you guzzle coconut water after pretty much every workout. Who can blame you? It tastes good! It’s so hydrating. And, honestly, the entire coconut (water included) is pretty amazing and has multiple uses. One part of the coconut we’re particularly smitten with today: coconut oil.

Coconut oil is pretty amazing. It can be used for myriad of beauty and skin regimens. Coconut oil also makes a pretty decent cooking oil, too.

1. Skin: Moisturize yourself

You can slather coconut oil all over your body and face. The oil is incredibly moisturizing and has a wonderfully pleasant scent.

While you wait for your skin to absorb the coconut oil, you can think about how the oil is filled with vitamin E, has the ability to fight against bacteria and has anti-aging properties.

2. Hair: Make your hair a slick

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I typically use coconut oil as a hair mask every few months once my tresses have become a bit dry and crunchy. Coconut oil also works wonders for hair ends and can help mend split ends. Also: You can directly apply the oil to hair ends, or run through hair to get some extra moisture (or get "just been in the pool" look.)

3. Lips: Make your lips shine

Chapstick who? Coconut oil is full of moisturizing properties that will keep your lips soft – without all the reapplications.

Cook: Get cooking

We’ve gone on about the great benefits of cooking with coconut oil, too. It’s an incredibly stable oil to cook with, particularly at high heat. Coconut oil is also known to help metabolism, thyroid function, promote weight loss, and boost energy.


How to use coconut oil from Free People's Blog


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