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6 Reasons to Have Sex Immediately After the Super Bowl


The big game is so intense that research conducted by the University of Southern California suggests there's an increased risk of having a heart attack on Super Bowl Sunday---especially for fans of the underperforming/losing team. But no matter who wins or loses, we think you should have sex on game day. It can de-stress you, and there are plenty of other reasons to score, too.

Competition makes you frisky: Whether or not your team wins or loses, the thrill of an intense matchup with so much at stake can elevate your energy levels and make you more passionate. There's no better outlet for all that fabulous energy than a roll in the hay, especially since the pre-game jitters and obsessive Sports Center watching may have made you kind of annoying to your partner recently.

Sex boosts mood: Yah, someone is going to lose, Green Bay, so you might want to take your mind off of the loss by getting your fix from feel good oxytocin and dopamine by clocking in some sweet overtime in the sack.

Winners, don't waste good enthusiasm on men you do not actually know:  Jerry Seinfeld said that we're never really rooting for sports teams, as players change and teams even move to different cities. It's the jerseys we're really invested in. And, well, that's kind of lame. Don't let all your excitement go to a uniform, unless your sexy partner's wearing it.

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From the Organic Authority Files

All that high-fiving is gross: You're going to need something to counter all those nasty germs you were exposed to while slapping hands with your buddies during game time. Hands can contain 1500 types of germs per square inch! And that's not even counting the germs you got by accidentally drinking from someone else's beer. Sex has been shown to increase immune function and can help prevent common colds and flu.

Burn off those nachos: Unless you were eating our healthy superfood Super Bowl snack recommendations, you probably overindulged in greasy, salty foods. Sex is a great way to maintain a healthy weight, not just by burning a few extra calories, but by boosting chemical levels in the brain that make you feel full and satisfied so you eat less.

Super Baby: If you're planning to start a family, what's hotter than being able to tell your little bundle of joy about the day Pittsburgh won their 7th Super Bowl ring, and "that's why Mommy and Daddy named you Hines Polamalu Tomlin Jones."

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