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6 Tips To Ensure Your Bedroom Isn’t Killing Your Sex Life

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6 Tips To Ensure Your Bedroom Isn’t Killing Your Sex Life

Your bedroom is a sanctuary for sleep and for sex, at least it should be. But for some of us, the bedroom is set up to be anything but sexually appealing. Does your bedroom make you want to get frisky between the sheets or does it leave little to be desired? Here are some tips for keeping your sex life spicy in your bedroom.

1. Keep the technology out.

Smartphones, tablets, and televisions all serve the same role of diluting intimacy. The conversation and the connection happens with your device instead, tampering with the connection between your partner. As time goes on, you get used to this lack of connection and you begin to accept it. But watered down intimacy shouldn’t be the norm. The easiest way to prevent this is by keeping your devices out of the bedroom.

2. Ensure proper lighting.

Just like the lighting in the bathroom is important, because we’d all rather look vibrant than we would pale and ruddy, the lighting in the bedroom is also key. Think soft illumination and indirect lighting. Avoid having a fixture directly over the bed and stick to more gentle lamps on the nightstands. When you feel attractive you’re much more likely to feel sexy and therefore, want to have sex. Consider adding in some romance with fabulous candles that get you in the mood as well.

3. Keep it clean.

You’re much more likely to want to get down and dirty when your bedroom is neat and tidy. Keep your bedroom dust bunny-free by wiping down the furniture, cleaning under the bed, and washing the sheets regularly. Don’t eat in the bedroom to avoid crumbs that could attract bugs and rodents. Use natural scents to keep your bedroom smelling fresh while keeping clutter to a minimum. A clean bedroom is the best backdrop for regular action.

4. Consider a soundtrack.

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Soft, relaxing music is a great way to liven up the mood in the bedroom. Wind down to a soundtrack that makes you feel sexy. This may put your partner in the mood as well.

5. Privacy is key.

We all love our kids and our pets but both of these additions are likely to dampen your sex life. If you’re feeling like getting busy, lock it up and make it so kids and pets can’t disrupt your intimacy so you can focus on your partner.

6. Choose quality bedding.

There’s nothing more sexy than bedding you want to spend all day in. It’s like sleeping in a nice hotel bed and we all know that sex is much more common when you’re on vacation. Think soft, silky sheets that feel fantastic against your skin, especially when you’re in your birthday suit. Spend the extra cash on quality bedding that matches and makes your bedroom feel more sexy.

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