Don’t Forget to Write! 8 Summer Camps for Adults

Why should kids have all the fun? Today’s summer camps for adults offer exciting opportunities to learn how to write books, build boats, herd cattle or be an astronaut. More than a million adults went to summer camp last year, and there are moer than 800 different camps to choose between, from luxurious escapes to rough and rugged experiences. At summer camp you can indulge a hobby, explore a fantasy and of course – make new friends for life.

Whether you have never been to camp before, or harbor warm memories from childhood adventures away from home, summer camps for adults can be a fun place to find inspiration, get in touch with your inner child, develop new skills and have a blast while doing so. If you are interested, sign up soon because summer is approaching!

1. Cowboy College: Learn how to rope cattle and ride horses at Lorill Equestrian Center in Scottsdale, Arizona and then head to a working cattle ranch with 350 head to test your skills. Fix fences, sleep under the stars and savor stew cooked over the open fire.

2. Wine Boot Camp: You’ll find several wine camps in California’s Napa and Sonoma valleys. At Sonoma Coast Harvest Wine Boot Camp, you can work in the vineyards and then enjoy wine tastings and catered meals at two different wineries in the area.

3. Wooden Boat Building: Head to Brooklyn, Maine to enroll at the WoodenBoat School where you can learn to build a kayak, canoe or rowboat. No carpentry or water experience is necessary, and the one-week or two-week camps also features communal dinners and boat trips to explore Penobscot Bay.

4. Figure Skating Fantasy: Ice skating legend Dorothy Hamill runs this figure skating camp located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Skaters of all skill levels are paired up with a coach and also receive a lesson from Ms. Hamill herself. Practice for four hours per day on the ice, and then enjoy special presentations and dinner parties at night.

5. Rock and Roll Camp: Live your dream of being a rock and roll performer as you train, rehearse and perform with big-name artists such as Def Leppard and Brain Wilson. Spend 3-4 days honing your skills in Las Vegas before a big finale performance.

6. Space Academy: If you always dreamed of being an astronaut or going to space camp, here’s your chance. Sign up for a week of astronaut training at the Adult Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama. Control your own simulated space mission, fly jet simulators and engineer air robots.

7. Writing Workshops: Improve your writing skills and build your network of writers at Stony Brook University’s Southampton Arts Summer Program in New York. Attend workshops in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and children’s literature during the day, and find lectures, receptions and presentations at night.

8. Poker Camp: Learn secrets from professional poker players with immersion training, improving your game quickly with tips from the best in the world. Held in various locations such as Chicago and Las Vegas, this gaming camp helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, analyze other players and manage your bets.

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