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Cooking as a Revolutionary Act: An Eat-In with Dr. Mark Hyman

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In the 1960s, civil rights leaders introduced the sit-in as a form of non-violent civil disobedience aimed at changing the world. Today, Dr. Mark Hyman, author of The Blood Sugar Solution among other books, wants to do the same thing for the food industry with an "eat-in." On April 7, he is inviting the world to join him in a healthy meal for the first-ever eat-in.


"We each own a secret weapon that weighs only a few ounces. If this was strategically deployed for one day, we could transform our world into a better place. We could end obesity and chronic disease, revitalize our children's health, achieve academic excellence, topple corrupt governments, restore our depleted soils, replenish our vanishing aquifers and reverse climate change.

What is this weapon? It's your fork. It is more powerful than any other tool we can use to end most of the world's problems."

Health and food industry experts like Dr. Hyman and Michael Pollan are becoming more and more convinced that the way to solve our nation's food and obesity problems is to get back into the kitchen, so Dr. Hyman is encouraging everyone to do just that with his first eat-in.

Anyone can participate by simply shopping for and cooking a healthy meal—from scratch—and sharing it with family or friends on April 7, but Dr. Hyman is also providing some free tools for anyone who cares to sign up and pledge to eat in on his website

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From the Organic Authority Files

When you do so, you will get the complete Eat-In Toolkit, which includes:

  • Access to Hyman's live video feed of his own Eat-In at 7:00 pm ET on April 7
  • Access to his Twitter chat at 4:00 pm ET the same day
  • Meal plan and shopping guide—your complete meal plan for the day, including two options each, whether you are on The Blood Sugar Solution Basic or Advanced Plan
  • A Guide to Mindful Eating

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