Botox: Paralyzing More than Just Your Face

Would you give up your ability to truly understand other people for a wrinkle-free face?

Many women are saying “yes” to this question, and choosing to inject Botox into their faces… nevermind the fact that it impairs the ability to process emotion.

When you are in a bad mood, the last thing you probably want to be told is: “SMILE.” However, recent studies have proven that the physical act of smiling actually does make you happier. The body’s actions have a great effect on the mind, even if our egos wouldn’t like to think so.

So what happens if you have deadened your smile muscles with Botox? Will you not feel as happy? And what if you have deadened your frown lines with Botox? Will you not feel as sad?

The short answer is: yes.

Having a forehead and face as smooth as a baby’s bottom when you are 50 years old comes with a price, and that price is that you will not be able to feel as deeply, or to understand sadness and happiness as well as you did before you paralyzed your face muscles with Botox. You will not be able to understand other people’s emotions as well as you once did, because your face cannot mimic theirs and you have lost the number one tool for creating empathy that humans have been given. All for a weapon in the battle against aging – and I think we all know how the battle will end.

Our bodies inform our spirit more than our modern culture likes to admit, and your face was made to smile deeply when you are genuinely happy, to form crinkles around your eyes and deep caverns of laughter by the sides of your mouth. When your body stops doing this because you have injected poison into your face, your subconscious brain can’t differentiate between you not smiling deeply because you aren’t truly that happy, and you not smiling deeply because you have paralyzed your smile muscles.

While the idea that beauty is power in our society is a fact and one that many women exploit (as they should), beauty is not the only power available to females. What is more powerful that beauty? Knowledge, love and hope, to name a few. Let’s face it: Those who glow with love will always be more beautiful than those with a face full of Botox.

Are you a Botox addict? Give it a rest for awhile, and see how your emotions react.

Thinking about getting Botox? Don’t buy into the bullshit. Save your money and visit an orphanage in Peru (or LA!) instead, and spend some time teaching poor children how to paint, dance or blow up balloons. This kind of experience makes you glow from within, and when you return no doubt everyone will tell you how great you look – because you will actually be a more beautiful person.

Too many women try to fight aging like it is something to be “beaten” instead of handled gracefully. But the term “anti-aging” is a myth at best and a lie at worst. If you are lucky not to die young, you will get old and your body will be wrinkled and you will slow down. You will start eating bland foods and you will turn down the music. You will look in the mirror at your wrinkles and see a million smiles, a thousand happy moments, an infinite number of laughs. You will look at these marks of character and time and know that you have truly lived.


Image: legends2k