Say 'No' to DEET: Our Natural Mosquito Repellent


Valuing life in all its forms is important to living healthfully, organically and in harmony with nature. Right? Absolutely (for this vegan anyhow). But (and it's a big 'but'), when out in the the proverbial Mother Nature - whether for a shindig in your backyard or some bonafide camping excursion - and those mosquitoes start relentlessly going for the blood, it's on! I'm out for blood too... at least it's killing in self defense and would be pardonable by law. So I use this natural mosquito repellent to keep those blood sucking pests at bay!

But as much as I hate the sheer discomfort of mosquito bites all over my body, I would NEVER slather my largest organ in DEET. One recent study found that DEET causes neurological damage, while other studies are showing that DEET could be responsible for the Gulf War Syndrome and birth defects in baby boys! Just spray it, and your intution will say: This stuff is seriously toxic. 

In the search for a safe alternative, we've flexed our DIY guns to bring the seemingly magnanimous benefits of essential oils to the rescue yet again. It seems that the pungent, spicy, outdoorsy odors found in some essential oils repel insects, plain and simple. Use this simple recipe to arm yourself with an insect repellent that isn't harmful for any parties involved... that way we can get back to our 'equality for all beings' attitude and get on with the s'mores.

From the Organic Authority Files

What You'll Need:

  • 5 drops of organic patchouli oil
  • 2 ounces of witch hazel 
  • 5 drops of organic cedarwood essential oil
  • 5 drops of organic citronella essential oil
  • small recycled spray bottle 

What to Do:

Simply add your ingredients together in your spray bottle and your repellent is ready! You'll want to tote this stuff along with you and spray on every fifteen minutes or so, avoiding any contact with eyes. 

image: James Jordan

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