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Hey Gardeners, Nothing Says Sexy Like Digging Around in the Dirt

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As if you needed another reason to believe that gardening is sexy: A study published in the European Journal of Urology found that men who garden may be more successful in the sack. Yes, that's right: 30 minutes a day of digging in the dirt can make all the difference when it's time to get down and dirty.

The study examined 674 men, and found that those who kept moderately active—burning as little as 1,000 calories a week more than their sedentary counterparts—had 38 percent less probability of experiencing erectile dysfunction. Those who burned 4,000 calories a week saw their risk drop by 52 percent.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Any type of exercise will do, of course, but gardening might have added benefit. Around a third of ED cases are caused by stress, and what better activity to relieve stress than to commune with the plants? Getting your hands dirty and sexual activity both happen to improve your immune system's function, too, so consider your garden an investment in a stress-free flu season as well.

This doesn't just work for men: A study at the University of Austin found that physical activity increased women's libido. And while you could get that activity by running a mile together, we happen to believe that a happy, healthy, green-thumbed gardener is the sexiest thing there is. So go ahead, dig your hands in the dirt and get ready to reap what you sow.

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