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Life Planning 101: Goals for a Successful Future

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Life is complicated. And difficult. Also: Rough. And I know, I know; life is a blast, too. But it's hard to remember the "good times" when experiencing one of life's oh-so-splendid rough patches. So, to break myself out of a blah-life path, or a personal rough time, I've developed a fool-proof way to brighten my spirits. I always take a day to relax, be alone and create a list of goals. I call it, "Abbie's Ultimate, Super-Cool Life Plan."

While my super-cool plan is typically pretty mundane, and I amend it every month, I still enjoy organizing my goals. Sometimes I plan out my life goals for the next 10 years, and sometimes I can only plan for the next six months. No matter what time span I choose, though, I always come away from the experience feeling inspired and refreshed. Sounds fun, right? Well, it is. Consult the following suggestions and start to plot and plan your successful future, too.

Plan prep

Don't make your shiny, new life plan when you're hurried and don't have the time. Anything negative -- including stress and time constraints -- can hamper your inner voice. Make sure you make your plan when you have an open and worry free evening, or upcoming lazy weekend.

Consider giving yourself a day full of relaxation prior to your planning sesh. One great way to get yourself in a positive frame of mind is by planning a DIY at-home spa day.

Set the mood

Go to your favorite room and clean a space that will be your "dedicated, happy, creative plan-making space." Make the mood extra special by fixing a favorite drink and meal, and jam out to some of your favorite tunes.

Write, write, write

After the space is set, music is blasting and you've dished out your tasty sustenance, proceed to sit down, get focused, and start writing. Here are some tips to help you imagine what you want your future to look like:

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From the Organic Authority Files

Create a realistic life road map: The point is to create a "life map" that makes living more meaningful. Don't set goals too high, and remember that you should only try to achieve the goals you want to achieve.

You can change the list: You can always come back and cross off goals that aren't meaningful, and add new goals that are. This list isn't set in stone. It's merely meant to get you thinking and get your heart situated in the right direction.

The article, "How to Plan Your Life, When You Can't Plan Your Life," articulates what successful "future planing" is all about: Determine your desire and take a small set forward. Reflect on that step, then take another step forward. Repeat the process.

Dress it up

If you are an amazing (or not so amazing, but still passionate) artist, dress up your list with inspiring illustrations, collages and personal photos.

Start to conquer your goals and take small steps

Start trying to conquer or think about one goal a week. Allowing yourself to ruminate on one goal per week will help your brain absorb all your plans and ideas.

And remember: Success is all about interpretation. If you view your life and experiences as pleasurable, then you will be more likely to remain less stressed and able to make positive life changes. Read more about planning positively by reading "Stress Relief Secret #6: Plan for Pleasure."


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