7 Apps that Organize Your Fitness & Health Routines

Excuses begone! With the latest apps for iPhone, Android, iPad and other smartphones and tablets, lack of organization is no longer a reason to miss your date with the treadmill. Fitness and health routines all fit nicely into the palm of your hand with these awesome technological advances—and apps not only help manage your workout schedules, but they can also upgrade your routine with music playlists, workout videos, advice from personal trainers and much more. Some apps even turn exercise into competitive gaming—a sweet enticement to help you turn off the TV and get moving. Here are some of the top fitness apps to help whip you into shape:

  1. Jefit – This iPhone app is completely free, and allows you to track your workouts as well as vital stats. Jefit also lets you add photos of your gorgeous bod for an extra motivational boost whenever you need it. Jefit is simple enough for beginners, but also accommodates advanced fitness buffs.
  2. MapMyRun – For runners with iPhones, Androids or Blackberries, MapMyRun includes GPS technology to track your route and record speed, pace, elevation, distance and calories burned. Save data from each run in your training log, and access your workout history to monitor progress and help plan for future runs. 
  3. MyPlate Calorie Tracker – Forget about Lance Armstrong’s steroid issues and consider giving Livestrong’s MyPlate Calorie Tracker a chance if you’re watching your girlish figure. The app gives you access to a massive database of nutrition info, and you can log your food intake to help meet your daily goals. The app also calculates your calorie needs by factoring in weight, age, activity level and weight-loss goals. It’s available for iPod touch, iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Android. 
  4. CardioTrainer – This free Android app comes with a pedometer, GPS tracking and music integration. CardioTrainer also includes thoughtful features like autopause, which is super helpful for red lights and water breaks, and adds some fun to your workout with the Move Your Bot fitness game, playable with friends. Got an uber-competitive streak? Use the World High Scores feature to compare your workouts with other fitness freaks across the globe.
  5. Workout Trainer – Workout Trainer, a free app for Apple and Android products, brings personal trainers to your phone with workout instructions via video, audio or photo. As with most of the other fitness apps listed, Workout Trainer also allows you to share your progress with friends via social media. 
  6. Fleetly Fitness – If you’ve got the competitive spirit, Fleetly Fitness may be for you. The free app lets you take on your friends in the fight to the fittest, and tracks your progress with charts and logs. Download Fleetly at the Apple App Store.
  7. CookingLight Quick & Healthy Menu Maker – If your meal-planning skills are lacking, this menu-building app may be right up your alley. Available for Apple products, the app offers 350 recipes and will help you match an entree, salad, side and dessert. The nutrition calculations help you stick to your diet, and shopping and cooking tips aid you through the entire meal-making process.

 image: MattsMacintosh