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Sore Muscles? Recover With This DIY Jalapeno Rub

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We all love feeling the good burn after a long workout. But right behind it is a bad burn that we'd rather do without. So, how can one cure these sore muscles? It may seem counterintutitive, but you can remedy those aches and pains with something that’s incredibly burn-inducing itself – jalapenos. 

We recently found this DIY jalapeno muscle rub over at Free People’s BLDG blog and it really intrigued us. According to the blog post, jalapenos contain capsaicin (the mineral that makes your mouth and skin feel hot when you eat the peppers). This mineral is actually the same warming agent that’s used in store-bought muscle rubs. So why pay top dollar when you cure sore muscles with incredients from your kitchen?

DIY Jalapeno Rub for Sore Muscles

Jalapeno peppers (you’ll be using the seeds)
Cocoa butter

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From the Organic Authority Files

Cut open a jalapeno pepper and scoop out a few seeds with a spoon. Find a clean, small glass (similar to a mason jar, or smaller) and fill it with cocoa butter. Put a few jalapeno seeds (two-12) into the cocoa butter and stir well. Slather the mixture on any sore muscles (think tired thighs, worn-out shoulders and achiing arms). The skin that’s covered with the DIY muscle rub should start to feel slightly warmed.

Remember: Jalapeno seeds are hot! Just add a few to the concoction at first and see how your skin responds. Also: Test an area on your skin for 24 hours before applying the mixture everywhere. And don’t forget to wash your hands after applying the lotion! Touching your eyes, nose, mouth or other sensitive areas could result in a painful burn.

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