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'The Big T': Major Dietary Supplement Brand Says Transparency's Time Has Come

'The Big T': Major Dietary Supplement Brand Says Transparency's Time Has Come

Trust is a big word when it comes to manufacturers of food, dietary supplements, and pharmaceuticals. We want to trust these brands—we often really have no choice—but they sure don’t make it easy. Big Pharma and Big Ag are built on secrecy and deceptive marketing practices. But one supplement company says it’s time for the Big T—Transparency.

MegaFood is a pioneer in the natural products supplement company. Since 1973, it’s been making food-based vitamins and dietary supplements, with a farm-to-tablet commitment to quality ingredients and products. Now, it’s committing itself to Transparency, “granting deeper access to its production processes, from ingredient sourcing to development, testing and even auditing,” the company said in a statement. “MegaFood will go beyond transparency to be next-level real with customers, retailers, employees, partners and the broader supplement industry.”

"We want to challenge 'transparency' because we believe we can take what has become a popular marketing term to the next level. We will go beyond the expected and push the limits toward what we are calling Big T Transparency. At MegaFood we can create change in the industry by proving that it's not difficult or scary to peel back the curtain and we will confidently introduce the people behind our great products as well as share our processes from the inside out," said Robert Craven, MegaFood CEO. "We believe it takes a collection of trustworthy brands to build a trustworthy industry and it is important for us to play our part."

The company has installed a 24 hour a day livestreaming web cams so any consumer can peek into the facility where products are made. It will also share its quality testing results online. This affects all ingredients and finished products before they’re bottled. "At a time of public uncertainty about the dietary supplement industry, for a company of MegaFood's stature to allow people to 'look behind the curtain' is both bold and unprecedented," says Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. "This level of transparency is great for the industry and the consumer."

MegaFood will also share its new product development plans before the products hit the market. It’s a bold move as in-development products are traditionally guarded trade secrets—kind of like when football coaches cover their mouths as they discuss new plays—leaked info can risk stolen ideas that can gobble up market share.

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But MegaFood doesn’t seem to care. In the age of the Internet, where we should be checking up on our every purchase, the company is looking to satisfy and build trust with its customers. It’s a lot easier than keeping track of all the lies, isn’t it?

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