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The Protein Shake Mystery Revealed: What's In Yours?

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My husband and I were recently tested for mercury and we discovered both of us had high levels. In fact mine were off the charts. The risks from mercury poisoning are scary: it's a silent killer (that doctors often miss) attacking the brain, heart, immune and nervous systems, decreases sexual performance, libido and can create anxiety and roller coaster emotions (and that's a short list of symptoms!). 

With today's broken health care system, my husband and I knew we had to take our healthcare into our hands and seek preventative methods. I wanted a gentle way to cleanse these heavy metals out of our bodies, so we decided to work with a naturopathic doctor. That way we could address several other health issues that traditional doctors had been unsuccessful in treating.

Our new doctor started us on a four-week anti-inflammatory diet with a new supplement regimen. It was a bit of an adjustment, but by the fourth week my energy levels actually went through the roof! Even though we already eat healthy, we said bye-bye to all citrus, alcohol, gluten, tomatoes, potatoes, caffeine, corn, farmed and large fish, and cow milk products (organic cheese was a staple in my diet!), and red meat for me (John could have it once a week). Instead it was hello to chicken, goat cheese, whole grain brown or black rice (You have to try Forbidden Black Rice, it is a new favorite!), steamed veggies, a delicious butter/olive oil mixture (another new favorite!), wild fish like sardines and salmon, and homemade gluten-free baked goods. Everything must be organic, of course. In fact I created some delicious new recipes that I'll be sharing soon.

Phase 2, of our detox consisted of the chelation, and supportive supplements including whey protein. The only whey I was familiar with (but never took) was "designer whey" geared towards body builders, like those guys on Muscle Beach in Venice, CA. That didn't feel like a fit for me. Luckily, I tried The Organic Whey product after a recommendation. This is unlike any other whey I've encountered.

Although whey is a perfect protein for athletes, it's also beneficial for anyone seeking to improve their overall health. It encourages the body to assimilate nutrients, can improve digestion, and replenish healthy intestinal bacteria colonies. It can also stimulate the liver and kidneys to detox, which is exactly what I needed on my mercury cleanse!

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From the Organic Authority Files

Whey has also been clinically proven to help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels. I workout out in the mornings—and I tend to be hypoglycemic—so starting my day with regulated blood sugar is critical. I need something to boost my energy and replenish my body (Otherwise I end up in what I like to call emotional roller coaster agony!). The Organic Whey supports my muscle recovery and blood sugar after a vigorous workout. And, it has made both my husband's detox and mine so much easier, too.

Upon further investigation I uncovered amazing facts about The Organic Whey Company and how they differ from conventional wheys. For one, The Organic Whey uses certified organic milk from Organic Valley's farmer co-op in Wisconsin, so there are no toxic pesticides, artificial hormones, or antibiotics. Common industrial whey processing uses acids or high temperatures to process their whey, which destroys its natural flavor and fragile nutrients such as lactoglobulin. I haven't come across a whey company yet that actually knows where their whey comes from or how the cows were raised. (Think: was the cow pastured and grass fed, or fed a diet rich in hormones, antibiotics and unhealthy grains?)


The Organic Whey is one of the few companies that does not buy whey blends sourced from any number of suppliers around the world, making it impossible to trace the origin of their products. Additionally they use a gentle processing method that preserves its delicate nutrients and is made with only one ingredient, organic whey. And there are no artificial flavors or sweeteners, which conventional brands use to mask the taste of processing chemicals (remember the acid processing?).

Little did I know that if I started taking a whey product that came from an industrial manufacturer, I might also be ingesting even more toxic mercury. In fact, Consumer Reports released an independent study that found many whey products contained contaminants including mercury, cadmium, arsenic and lead –the very things I'm removing from my body! The Organic Whey company tests all of their products for heavy metals. There is no way I'll ever use another mass produced whey product.

This post is sponsored by The Organic Whey.

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