Tiny Habits Can Create Big Change

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Are you making any resolutions this new year? Millions of people will make resolutions, but only a tiny percentage will actually use those resolutions to create lasting change in their lives. Stanford professor BJ Fogg has started a website with an e-course called "3 Tiny Habits" to teach you how to create new habits that stick—for free.

Dr. Fogg has been studying human behavior for the past 18 years, and as director of the Persuasive Tech Lab at Standford he has come to the conclusion that there are only three conditions that will convince a person to change his or her habits:

  1. To have an epiphany.
  2. To change your situation.
  3. Or, to take baby steps.

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Unfortunately, having an epiphany is a challenging thing to just create out of thin air. But the other two conditions are easier to create, and Dr. Fogg has created a free e-course to help you create change in your own life.

His revolutionary approch combines to create the right conditions for change by helping you to change your situation and break change down into baby steps. 

The problem with most people's resolutions is that we bite off more than we can chew. People resolve to "lose weight" or "get healthy" or even "quit smoking," but those are big, nebulous goals rather than steps to actually achieving those goals. By breaking down a big goal into manageable steps and then putting those steps into a context that makes sense in your life, you dramatically increase your possibility for success.

Dr. Fogg has had more than 8,000 participants and, according to his website, achieved greater results than with any other program he's seen or tried.

What have you got to lose? Not a thing. The week-long e-course is free and will teach you Dr. Fogg's revolutionarily simple system. Best of all, there's no sales pitch at the end—just measurable, lasting change.

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